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Senate '11

CUSA Senate is the governing body of all clubs and organizations on campus. It is responsible for allocating the $250 activity fee each semester to sponsored clubs and organizations. Comprised of President, Vice President, Comptroller, Public Affairs Director, Treasurer, and Secretary (the Executive Board), six Senators from each class, and a Clarkson School Representative, the CUSA Senate serves as the formal representatives of the student body. The CUSA Senate is responsible for working together with the Clarkson Administration on all decisions that effect the student body in both Senate meetings or in one of the Senate's six committees, which are open to any students.

Senate '11

Signature Services:

Collegiate Readership Program that features daily copies of the USA Today and the New York Times located in the ERC, Cheel Campus Center, Student Center and Ross Brooks Dining Hall.

Legal Aid Clinic every Monday from 5:00-7:00 in Student Center 123. Come for free legal advice or questions. To make an appointment contact the senate office. Contact information loacted on the left of the page.

Senate '11