Hockey Then...

A Clarkson hockey "team" in 1906. The formal hockey program was established in 1921. (Read about the 100-year tradition of Clarkson's men's hockey.

And Now...

Women’s hockey was formally established at Clarkson in 1974. Since then, the team has solidified its spot as one of the most dominant teams in the history of NCAA Division I women’s hockey, with back-to-back Frozen Four titles and multiple National Championships. 

Our men's hockey team continues to carry on the storied tradition of success started a century ago. 

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1906 Civil Engineering Class 

In 1906, students pursuing a major in civil engineering were immersed in railway, structural, municipal, mining, and geodetic engineering. After their first two years of common engineering curriculum, juniors and seniors were able to enroll in courses such as "dynamo-electric machinery... steam engineering... coal analysis... metallurgy of iron and steel...economic geology... cement testing... assaying."


Today: Tensile Testing in Civil Engineering Lab

Today's civil engineering students carry on the Clarkson tradition of extraordinary education and training for men and women who want to plan, design and construct the physical infrastructure of a nation. 

With a bachelor's degree in civil engineering Clarkson graduates can pursue a career working in industries and disciplines such as structural design, water or land development, transportation systems, hazardous waste management, or general project management.

Undergraduate civil engineering students get hands-on research opportunities alongside faculty and graduate students, and test their concepts and designs through our SPEED (Student Projects for Engineering Experience & Design) teams.

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