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Honors in our Majors

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To recognize outstanding achievement by our majors, the Department of Computer Science will award the designation of "Honors in Computer Science" to any student who fulfills the requirements listed below. This designation is designed to complement, not compete with, the University Honors program; in particular, it may be achieved by students not enrolled in the University Honors program.

The requirements for Honors in the Major are:

  • Major: Fulfill all requirements for the major (CS).
  • Grades: satisfy all of the following:
    • Achieve a GPA of at least 3.25 overall,
    • Achieve a GPA of at least 3.5 in courses in the major (CS, respectively),
    • Have no grades below C in courses in the department (MA *and* CS),
    • Earn the grade of "Honors" in at least four courses in the department, including at least three in the major (MA or CS courses, respectively) at the 200-level or above. To earn the grade "Honors" in a course, a student must earn an A in the course *and* complete all additional Honors work specified by the instructor on the course syllabus (additional problems, special project, etc.). The offering of "Honors" in a course and the specification of the required work are at the discretion of the instructor.
  • Project: Complete an individual project in Computer Science under the direction of a department faculty member. The project should involve a substantial amount of individual work and a significant element of research. The project must earn at least 3 credit hours, culminate in a written project report or thesis, and be presented and successfully defended orally to a committee of at least three faculty members from the department. Successful completion of an Honors Thesis as defined by the University Honors Program will also satisfy this requirement, provided the topic of the thesis is in the major (CS).

Students completing the above requirements will be awarded a certificate designating "Honors in Computer Science", and will be so designated in our Department Annual Report.