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The Department of Computer Science is a community of active researchers, dedicated teachers and excellent students. Together they pursue, develop and acquire the knowledge and skills necessary in a world that relies critically on computer technology. The department consists of seven faculty members, 20 graduate students and approximately 120 undergraduate students.  Faculty collaborate across many different disciplines to engage in research from rehabilitation engineering projects to advanced digital arts.

The faculty consists of six tenure-track professors and one full-time instructor who are equally committed to education and research. The expertise of the faculty includes areas like computer networks and operating systems, cryptography and security, algorithms and formal aspects of computation, virtual reality and human computer interaction, and software verification. In addition to being involved in leading-edge research and teaching regular classes, the faculty are also involved in the activities of the department's student-centered computer laboratories and supervise student research projects.

The department's undergraduate students major in computer science, software engineering, or digital arts and sciences. The majority are also enrolled in either a second major or one or two minors. A large number of our students are involved in one of our labs or in faculty research. To students outside of the department, we offer minors in computer science, software engineering, and information technology.

The department's graduate students are enrolled in the master of science in computer science program or engaged in doctoral studies in computer science as part of the Ph.D. in mathematics program. They conduct research in a variety of areas of computer science such as computer networks, computation theory and artificial intelligence.


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Computer Science Labs and Organizations
        ACM Student Chapter
        Clarkson Open Source Institute (COSI)
        IDEA Club (ACM SIGGRAPH Student Chapter)
        Internet Teaching Lab (ITL)
        Virtual Reality Lab (VR)

    Computer Science Major
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        Checklist (classes of 2010 to 2015)
        Option Declaration Form

    Professional Experience Documents
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