Can I still travel internationally?

Until further notice, the University has currently suspended all nonessential travel by faculty, staff and student-sponsored trips both international and domestic that has not yet started.

Clarkson has adopted the recommendations of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in suspending University-sponsored travel to any country listed as a “Level 3” or higher. The University will continue to monitor the latest travel advisories available from the CDC. Students and staff who are already in a country listed as a “Level 3” or higher are being recalled and will be subject to quarantine at home for a period of 14 days upon their return per the CDC protocols.  Students who return from a "Level 2" may also be asked to report to the New York State Department of Health for further guidance. We are working individually with each student to facilitate the completion of their coursework to ensure that they do not fall behind in their studies or graduation status.  

What about personal travel for Spring Break?

Personal travel during spring break is an individual choice.  We are asking all campus members to evaluate nonessential international and domestic travel plans. International travelers should recognize that situations could change, and a country that is not identified for travel restrictions today may be added to the list of "Level 2" and  “Level 3” countries tomorrow (or while you are in-country). It is possible that you may be subject to non-optional quarantines upon your return from these countries. We anticipate new directives on domestic travel and therefore caution members to consider essential personal travel as well.  Clarkson will make reasonable efforts to work with any student who may have special circumstances with online education while undertaking isolation protocols. Students who need to change their plans to remain on campus over break may email for assistance.  Please see the main coronavirus web page for the housing form that is required.  

Will I be quarantined after travelling internationally?

Should your country of travel move to a ‘Level 3 Warning’ on the CDC travel alert list, here are the potential impacts to your return to the U.S.:

  • University protocol will mandate a 14-day ‘stay at home’ prior to returning to campus
    • Clarkson will make every attempt to identify academic progress needs and implement a solution to allow for semester completion.
    • Costs associated with quarantine will be the responsibility of the traveler

Should your country of travel move to a ‘Level 4 Warning’ on the CDC travel alert list, here are the potential impacts to your trip:

  • Travel Alert 4 indicates that you may have travel restrictions on entering the U.S.  and potentially subject to mandatory quarantine through the Department of Health.
    • Clarkson will make every attempt to identify academic progress needs and implement a solution to allow for semester completion.
    • All quarantine costs are the responsibility of the traveler

How is the University supporting students studying abroad?

The University has brought back all students from sponsored programs in China, South Korea, Italy, and most recently from Europe, the United Kingdom, and Ireland. Students currently abroad have been notified of all protocols, including steps to take, for all locations. In addition, all students currently in a country not elevated to ‘Level 3’ have been given the option to return home. Again, these students have been reminded of University protocols according to the CDC travel alerts. Students recently returned from affected areas are expected to enact self-isolation at home and will be monitored for symptoms for 14 days as recommended by New York State and the CDC.

When making decisions about its study abroad programs, the University takes guidance from the CDC, the U.S. Department of State, the New York State Department of Health, our health and safety risk management team, as well as we consider input from peer institutions and our international partners. With regard to COVID-19, each program is unique and will have different considerations and plans of action.

Students affected by a suspended program will be contacted directly by the International Center.

If I am recalled from a Clarkson-sponsored global program, will expenses be reimbursed?

The International Center strongly recommends travel insurance when engaging in any global program. Travelers will need to consult the individual policy for reimbursement details.

  • Airfare: Roundtrip airfare is a cost to the traveler. If a program is abroad and is recalled for health or safety reasons, associated costs are at the expense of the traveler. For trips involving third-party planners, travelers are encouraged to review their policies prior to making a payment.  
  • Program Costs: For short-term or third-party travel programs that are University-sponsored, travelers will need to review the individual program policies regarding reimbursement.
  • Study Abroad Exchange: The university has worked with its partners to ensure academics may be completed on schedule in the event a recall takes place. Tuition payments do not change. Room and board is subject to the timing of the recall and partner university policy. 

We realize these are important questions regarding travel. We encourage students and families to contact the International Center directly to discuss your individual program and travel plans.

Are the border crossings monitoring for the COVID-19?

There are some impacts to entry to the U.S. from some countries, review the Department of State and CDC travel advisories for specific information. Customs & Border Protection (CBP) recommends all travelers carry any supporting documentation of travel history to facilitate entry to the U.S. The International Center recommends reviewing current information at Customs & Border Protection website.

Will school-sponsored summer study abroad trips be canceled? 

All trips will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis using CDC travel guidelines. Please have your student reach out to the International Center for more guidance and for questions pertaining to specific programs.

Will I be able to graduate/meet graduation requirements if my trip is canceled?

Options to complete requirements will be discussed with all students who may be impacted.

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