Our Programs

Computer Engineering

Every computer engineering student builds a base of expertise in both hardware and software design, object-oriented programming and software components, analog and digital circuits and systems, logic design, and processor interfacing. You'll build systems in which you integrate both hardware and software components.

Computer Science

In industry, computer scientists may design and develop computer software, programming tools, programming languages, new information technologies, or even computer games. The flexibility of the curriculum allows you to pursue special interests and master a number of skills that are widely sought after in the job market including: software systems, hardware development, scientific applications, information systems, management systems, and network administration.

Information Systems and Business Processes

Businesses today depend heavily on the use of information technologies to manage operations. Business Intelligence and Data Analytics describe the integration of information technologies into the business environment. This includes both skills in working with people and an understanding of the technologies of computers, networks and databases as they apply to business operations.

Software Engineering

Software engineering is much more than just programming. You'll learn sound principles of engineering design and key computer science concepts, and then apply that knowledge to the design of software environments. This field addresses critical issues across the life cycle of a software product, beginning with a proposal to develop an application that requires computing resources and continuing through the development, testing, operation and maintenance of the software product.


Computer-mediated communications are revolutionizing the way we live — and also creating an abundance of new career opportunities. If you're interested in getting involved in this exciting digital world, Communication will help you build key skills. Whether you are creating new materials for the Web, developing digital video, generating interactive multimedia, or simply telecommuting, the better you can use computers as communication tools, the better you will do your job.