The Palace Theatre

25 Orange Street

Albany, NY 12207

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There is no rehearsal for the Graduate ceremony. You must arrive to The Palace Theatre by 5:10 pm on June 12 and line up for Procession.

Schedule at a Glance

5:15 p.m. Doors open for all guests
5:15 p.m. Graduates line up by school
5:45 p.m. All guests should be seated
5:50 p.m. Student Procession begins
5:55 p.m. Faculty and Stage Party Procession begins 
6 p.m. Commencement Ceremony begins 
Directly Following-Graduates' Reception

A student receiving her degree from President Tony Collins

Information for Students Participating in Commencement

Student Participation in Commencement

Students eligible for graduation in May/June 2020 will receive notice from Student Administrative Services and will be required to fill out a form in MyCU to indicate that they plan to graduate in the June 2020 ceremony. If at any time you change your mind regarding participation in the Commencement program for June 2020, you must inform Student Administrative Services at (315)268-6451 or through e-mail at commencement@clarkson.edu promptly. Detailed seating of the graduates is an important factor in Commencement.

There is no rehearsal for this event.

Diplomas, Seating Order & Name Pronunciation

You will not receive your actual diploma during Commencement. Your diploma will be mailed to you after Commencement. You will sit in order by program and have an assigned seat that you will find prior to the ceremony. Please make sure to give the phonetic spelling of your name in MyCU so that the reader can properly pronounce your name.


The basic attire for all graduating students is black academic regalia ("cap and gown") with a black tassel. In keeping with the formality of Commencement, additional adornments are limited.

  • Please be sure to indicate that you are receiving a master's degree gown when you order your regalia. Although the gowns for each type of degree are black, there are slight differences in cut. 
  • You must also order the appropriate colored hood for the degree received. Master's degree candidates process into the theatre wearing their hoods. 

Students that have previously paid their Legacy fee, contact Marcy Bennett at mbennett@clarkson.edu
Students who have not paid a Legacy fee should contact Jostens at directly at (800) 854-7464 since the online deadline has expired.