• Program began in 2001, 160+ institutions have received ADVANCE grants
  • Focuses on “broadening the implementation of evidence-based systemic change strategies that promote equity for STEM faculty in academic workplaces and the academic profession.”


Transformation of the campus culture to further foster innovation through inclusion and belonging by the following:

1.  To significantly reduce implicit or unintentional bias associated with gender, race and ethnicity, sexual orientation, disability, and country of origin,
2.  To support inclusive leadership development of current and future University Leadership and professional development of STEM women faculty, and
3.  To promote the sustainability of these systemic efforts through university-wide structural changes. 

Advocates and Allies

The Advocates and Allies Program

  • Designed to improve gender equity through the direct and proactive engagement of men faculty.

    • Advocates: senior men faculty who educate themselves about issues of gender [in]equity; 

    • Allies: men faculty whom the Advocates train as proponents for gender equity in their departments.

  • Used by more than 15 universities, including Lehigh University and Rochester Institute of Technology.

  • In consultation with women faculty

  • Program introduction and training by North Dakota State University founders of program: Fall 2020 Semester

Workshops will be announced periodically. For more information or get involved, contact Christopher Robinson

Professional Development

The Program

  • Leadership Development
    • Annual one-day chair training retreat
    • Once-a-semester leadership roundtable
    • Leadership workshops for university leaders and emerging leaders (particularly women, self-identified or identified by others)
  • STEM Women Faculty Workshops
    • Not to “fix women” but rather to address the reality of women’s diverse experiences

Workshops will be announced periodically. For more information or get involved, contact us.

Structural Changes: Policies and Practices

The Program

  • Operations Manual Review
  • Department Chair duties with explicit reference to fostering a supportive, diverse, and inclusive departmental environment
  • Examination and possible revision of academic policies in relation to recruitment and retention of women faculty
  • Improving awareness of policies and ensuring that they are put into practice

Oral History Research

  • Perform in-depth oral history interviews with a sample of current and former Clarkson female-identified STEM faculty.
  • Deepen our understanding of the challenges female-identified STEM faculty face, especially at small, technological universities in geographically isolated settings.
  • Inform attempts to change campus cultures and increase recruitment, retention, and advancement of female-identified STEM faculty.

Ways to Get Involved

Join us in one of the following ways by contacting advance@clarkson.edu:

  • STEM Women Faculty Advisory Group
  • Advocates and Allies Program
  • Planning committees for various activities

For further information or if interested in participating, please contact advance@clarkson.edu and our team. PIs and Senior Personnel: Robyn Hannigan, Laura Ettinger, Stephanie Schuckers, Jen Ball, Bill Jemison, Sandra Fisher, Jennifer Knack, Tom Langen, Sumona Mondal, Christopher Robinson, Amber Stephenson, Shannon Robinson, Amy McGaheran, Elizabeth (Lisa) Podlaha-Murphy, Amanda Pickering.

Featured Faculty

Current Faculty Spotlight


Amber Stephenson, an assistant professor in Clarkson’s Health Care Management MBA program in the Reh School of Business, was recently invited to present to the US Department of State International Visitor Leadership Program. Click the photo to read more!


Diana White, an Assistant Professor in the Mathematics Department at Clarkson, was recently awarded a three-year NSF grant for a research project titled “Collaborative Research: Uncovering Principles Underlying Rod Photoreceptor Outer Segment Renewal and Size”. Click the picture to read more!

News and Upcoming Events

Allies for Gender Equity Workshop

Allies for Gender Equity Workshop, March 26th-27th, 2020

The Gender Equity Workshop will be postponed to a later date next semester. 

Flyer for the Allies and advocates workshop
Intersectionality and Antiracism Series

The STEM LEAF Team would like to invite all faculty and staff to a virtual speaker series to focus on intersectionality and antiracism at Clarkson University.

We commit with the proponents of Black Lives Matter “to struggle together, and to imagine and create a world free of anti-Blackness, where every Black person has the social, economic, and political power to thrive.”  

Further, as members of the national ADVANCE community we stand, as and with women, in recognition of the intersectionality (Kimberlé Crenshaw, 1989) of race and gender that results in unique experiences for Black women, especially discrimination that can compound experiences of marginalization and invisibility.  

As people privileged by education and opportunity, we collectively pledge to lessen the burden of Black people by actively building our individual and collective capacity to act against bias and injustice, and pursue equity and inclusion, not just during times of crisis but in daily acts of courage.

Guest speakers will include founder and CEO of Melanina, LLC and our own trustee, Dr. Simoon Cannon, long-time GE Chief Diversity Officer, Deb Elam, and global diversity and inclusion educator, coach, and consultant, Tanya Odom.

Please see attached flyer for dates and times. The Zoom link for our second speaker (August 25th at 2 pm) can be found here: https://clarkson.zoom.us/j/92726362708?pwd=bklHUmd6cFZ6WFlDR2U0SVUycWJQZz09

As always, if you have any questions please feel free to contact the STEM LEAF/ADVANCE Team at advance@clarkson.edu.

Event Flyer

Past Events and News

STEM-LEAF Kickoff Event, January 21-23, 2020

STEM LEAF event flyer











Gender, Sex, and Sexuality Conference, February 28-29, 2020

Gender, Sex, and Sexuality Conference Flyer



Keynote speaker