2017-2018: “Make to Learn” Challenge

Intelligent Autonomous Solutions for Universities

As Golden Knights, we think, make and ignite innovation.

You came to Clarkson with a purpose and we believe in your ability to roll up your sleeves, recognize opportunities, create value and change, and defy convention. Now we challenge each of you to compete in the inaugural President's “Make to Learn Challenge” - with $25,000 in prizes available during the 2017-18 academic year.

Your big question: how might Universities use intelligent and/or autonomous technologies to positively impact how we live and learn on a college campus?

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The 2017-2018 Challenge - How to Play

Positively impact how we learn and live on a college campus using intelligent technologies and/or autonomous technologies.

Eligibility and Team Composition

All Clarkson University students, all years, all majors. Teams must consist of between three and 10 students and must have more than one school represented.


Challenge Areas

There will be five defined challenge areas for submissions, based on the area of campus living / learning that the solution will address. If a solution is not directly related to one of the five areas, it will compete in the Defy Convention area.

  1. Facilities or grounds related (HVAC, lighting, maintenance, operations, snow removal, lawn care, parking, garbage/recycling, housing, reservations, etc.)

  2. Food service related (delivery, ordering, food waste, etc.)

  3. Academic related (course delivery, course scheduling, classroom technology, research, academic policies, etc.)           

  4. Student Life / Support services (advising, health center, tutoring, athletics, clubs, career coaching, etc.)              

  5. Recruitment or Alumni Engagement (activities related to pre- and post- Clarkson: admissions, marketing, mentoring, k-12 programming, alumni programming, etc.)

  6. Defy Convention - Make Your Own Category (anything that does not fit within the five defined categories)  


Project Report

Your team is encouraged to be creative with the way you present your project report, you may wish to include a presentation/slide deck, a written report, a poster, a set of drawings, images, a video, or any combination of the above, up to a maximum of 2 files. Details to be announced.


Team Video

The campus community will vote to select their favorite project/proposed solution of those presented. Your team video will be your main ‘marketing’ during the voting period. You have up to 60 seconds to convince the Clarkson community that your project deserves to be crowned “Crowd Favorite” and earn a $500 prize! Be sure to address many of the main points from your project plan (the opportunity, your solution, how your solution impacts our campus, and your implementation plan). Have fun and be creative!


The President’s Challenge Showcase

All teams will have the opportunity to show off their work at the President’s Challenge showcase on Friday, April 13, 2018. Teams will be offered either a table or a magnetic poster board to display their work – you are encouraged to think creatively to bring excitement to your display area, prizes will be awarded for the best displays! You must participate in the showcase in order to be eligible for the prizes!

Awards and Prizes

Prizes will be distributed throughout the challenge and at a special award ceremony on April 13, 2018. The following prizes will be distributed during the spring 2018 semester, teams and individuals are eligible to win multiple awards from this list, winning one of these does not exclude teams from winning additional prizes at the awards ceremony:

  • First Team to Register

  • Spot Prizes

  • Best Snap Story

  • Social Media Stars

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