Acronym Description
AC Area Coordinator (oversees Resident Directors)
ADK Adirondacks / Adirondack Park
AE Aeronautical Engineering
AEDC Adirondack Economic Development Council
AISES American Indian Science & Engineering Society 
AMS Applied Mathematics & Statistics
ANCA Adirondack North Country Association
ARA Services campus dining service (former name)
ARAMARK campus dining service
ASPIRE Academic Success Program to Improve Retention and Education
BIRE Beacon Institute for Rivers and Estuaries
BMS Biomolecular Science
BOT Board of Trustees
BPS Bachelor of Professional Studies
BS Bachelor of Science
BUS Undergraduate Business
BY Biology
CAMP Center for Advanced Materials Processing (Both a building and a Research Center)
CARES Center for Air Resources Engineering and Science
CBG Clarkson BioMass Group
CE Civil Engineering
CEC Center for Excellence in Communication
CEE Civil and Environmental Engineering
CEO Collegiate Entrepreneurship Organization
ChE Chemical Engineering
ChBE Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering
CICU Commission on Independent Colleges & Universities
CITER Center for Identification Technology Research 
Cm Chemistry
CMT Center for Membrane Technologies
cn  carbon neutral
COMM Communication
C&M Communication & Media
CpE Computer Engineering
CRC Capital Region Campus
CREST Center for Rehabilitation Engineering, Science and Technology
CS Computer Science
CSES  Center for Sustainable Energy Systems
CSOE Wallace H. Coulter School of Engineering
CSTEP Collegiate Science and Technology Entry Program
CSTI  Center for Sustainable Transportation Infrastructure
CU Clarkson University
CUB Clarkson Union Board
CUConnect Freshmen/staff mentoring program
CUOC Clarkson University Outing Club
CUOnline network of Clarkson alumni
CUPO Community of Underrepresented Professional Opportunities
CURE Clarkson University Remediation Engineers
CUSA Clarkson University Student Association (student senate)
CUSB Clarkson University School of Business
DA&S Digital Arts & Sciences 
DO Disbursement Order
DOR Division of Research
DPT Doctor of Physical Therapy
E&M Engineering and Management Program (formerly IE&M) - no spaces between letters and ampersand
E2E Evolution to Excellence (both long-range plan and capital campaign name)
EAP English for Academic Purposes
EE Electrical Engineering
EHS Environmental Health Science 
EmployOn Web-based software from Career Center for recruiting world wide
EnvE Environmental Engineering
EPG Environmental Politics & Governance
ERC Educational Resource Center (library and student affairs offices)
ESE  Environmental Science & Engineering
ESL English as a Second Language
ESP Environmental Science & Policy
EWB Engineers Without Borders
FIA Financial Information & Analysis
FIRE Fresh Ideas for Real Entrepreneurs (Reh Center Student Projects)
FSC Forest Stewardship Council
FYS First Year Seminar (mandatory class for freshmen)
GBUS Graduate Business
GENG Graduate Engineering
GHSC Graduate Health Sciences
GINT Graduate Interdisciplinary
GISE Graduate Sustainable Environment
GKB Golden Knight Battalion
GNDEG Graduate Non-Degree
GRC Great Rivers Center
GSCM Global Supply Chain Management


House Advisor (The Clarkson School)

Online tool for Clarkson job seekers and employers

HEOP Higher Education Opportunity Program
Hi History
HON Honors
HR Human Resources
Hu Humanities
IDI Institutional Diversity Initiatives
IE Innovation and Entrepreneurship
INT Interdisciplinary Major
Integrator campus newspaper
IRB Institutional Review Board (reviews and approves research involving human subjects)
IRC Schuler Indoor Recreational Center
ISBP Information Systems & Business Processes
ISE  Institute for a Sustainable Environment
ISSO International Students and Scholars Office
KA Knowledge Area Clarkson Password & Username Required
KnightLine Student phonathon
LIBAR Undergraduate A&S Liberal Arts
LS Liberal Studies
LSAMP Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation
Ma Mathematics
MAE Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering
MAJ Major
MBA Master of Business Administration
MBA  Master of Business Administration
McNair Ronald E. McNair Post Baccalaureate Achievement Program
ME Mechanical Engineering
ME  Master of Engineering
MIN Minor
Moodle online classroom/courseware
MS  Master of Science
mymail internet based email
NABLAB Nanobiotechnology Lab
NCREDC North Country Regional Economic Development Council
NDEG Non-Degree
NSBE National Society of Black Engineers
NYS New York State
NYSERDA New York State Energy Redevelopment Authority
NYSTAR New York State Foundation for Science Technology And Innovation
OAS Office of Accommodative Services
OEP Office of Educational Partnerships
OIT Office of Information Technology | Clarkson University Username and Password Required
OPAR Office of Philanthropy and Alumni Relations
PA Physician Assistant Program
PC  post-consumer
PCARD Purchasing Card
PEFC  Program for Endorsement of Forest Certification
PeopleSoft administered by SAS, update your information, sign up for classes and tutoring
Ph Physics
PhD Doctor of Philosophy
ProjectSuccess Initiative through SSC to get separated? students back on track
PRP Preparation
PS Political Science
PT Physical Therapy Program
PT Physical Therapy (pre-physical therapy leading to a doctorate)
Py Psychology
RA Resident Advisor/Resident Assistant
RD Resident Director
ROTC Reserve Officer Training Corp
RRP Recognition Review Panel (for Greek-letter organizations)
SA&S School of Arts & Sciences
SAS Student Administrative Services
SCI Undergraduate A&S Science
SD Social Documentation (Double Major)
SE Software Engineering
SFI  Sustainable Forestry Initiative
SGP  Sustainable Green Printer
SHPE Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers
SHRM Society for Human Resource Management
SLK Saranac Lake - Village where Adirondack Business Center is located
SPECTRUM Shaping Possibilities and Embracing Change to Reach a United Mission
SPEED Student Projects for Engineering Experience and Design
SPW Society of Professional Women
SS Social Sciences
SDO Student Disbursement Order
SSC Student Success Center - comprised of Accommodative Services, First Year Advising, Tutoring and Student Support Services
SSS  Student Support Services
S-STEM Scholarships in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics
SWE Society of Women Engineers
TA Travel Authorization
TAC >Technology Advancement Center - connector between Science Center and ERC
TAP Tuition Assistance Program
TCS The Clarkson School
TypeFocus MBTI based personality assessment program to guide career decision making
UOSA University Outreach and Student Affairs office
WiSE Women in Science and Engineering (living/learning community)
YEP Young Entrepreneurs Program

Abbreviations for academic plans as shown in PeopleSoft

Academic Plan Code Description

Plan Type

ACCTG-BS Accounting BS Major
ACCTG-BSS Accounting BS Major
ACCTG-MBA Accounting Track MBA Major
AEROE-BS Aeronautical Engineering BS Major
AMERST-BS American Studies Major
AMST-M American Studies Minor Minor
ANTH-M Anthropology Minor Minor
ARETE ARETE Interdisciplinary
BIO-BSS Biology BS Major
BIOENG-M Biomedical Engineering Minor Minor
BIOLOGY-BS Biology BS Major
BIO-M Biology Minor Minor
BIOMED Biomedical & Rehabilitation Eng Concentration
BIOMO-BS Biomolecular Science BS Major
BIOMO-BSS Biomolecular Science-BS Interdisciplinary
BIOPHY-M Biophysics Minor Minor
BIOSCI-M Biomed Sci and Tech Minor Minor
BPS Bachelor of Prof Studies Major
BSCI-MS Basic Science MS Major
BTM-BS Business & Technology Mgmt BS Major
BUSADM-BS Business Administration BS Major
BUSADM-BSS Business Administration-BS Major
BUS-M Business Minor Minor
BUSST Business Studies Major
CE-BS Civil Engineering BS Major
CE-BSS Civil Engineering BS Major
CEE-PHD Civil & Environmental Eng PhD Major
CE-ME Civil Engineering ME Major
CE-MS Civil Engineering MS Major
CHEM-BS Chemistry BS Major
CHEM-BSS Chemistry BS Major
CHEME-BS Chemical Engineering BS Major
CHEME-BSS Chemical Engineering BS Major
CHEME-ME Chemical Engineering ME Major
CHEME-MS Chemical Engineering MS Major
CHEME-PHD Chemical Engineering PhD Major
CHEM-M Chemistry Minor Minor
CHEM-MS Chemistry MS Major
CHEM-PHD Chemistry PhD Major
CLKSN_SCH The Clarkson School Major
COGN-M Cognitive Neuroscience Minor Minor
COMM-BS Communication Major
COMM-M Communication Minor Minor
COMPE-BS Computer Engineering BS Major
COMPSCI Computational Science Minor Minor
CS-BS Computer Science BS Major
CS-BSS Computer Science BS Major
CS-M Computer Science Minor Minor
CS-MS Computer Science MS Interdisciplinary
CS-PHD Computer Science PhD Major
DIGART-BS Digital Arts and Sciences Interdisciplinary
DIGCOM-M Digitally Mediated Comm Minor Minor
EBUS-BS E-Business BS Major
ECE-PHD Electrical & Computer Eng PhD Major
ECON-BS Economics BS Major
ECON-BSS Economics BS Major
ECONL-BS Economics (LS) - BS Major
ECON-M Economics Minor Minor
EE-BS Electrical Engineering BS Major
EE-BSS Electrical Engineering BS Major
EE-M Electrical Engineering Minor Minor
EE-ME Electrical Engineering ME Major
EE-MS Electrical Engineering MS Major
EGOM-MS Eng & Global Operation Mgmt Interdisciplinary
EHS-BS Environmental Health Science Interdisciplinary
EM-BS Engineering & Mgmt BS Interdisciplinary
EM-BSS Engineering & Mgmt BS Interdisciplinary
EMM-MS Engineering & Mfg Mgmt MS Interdisciplinary
ENGSCI-M Engineering Science Minor Minor
ENGSCI-MS Engineering Science MS Major
ENGSCI-PHD Engineering Science PhD Major
ENGST Engineering Studies Major
ENTRE-BS Innovation & Entrepreneurship Major
ENVENG-BS Environmental Engineering BS Major
ENVENG-MS Environmental Sci and Eng MS Interdisciplinary
ENVENG-PHD Environmental Sci and Eng PhD Interdisciplinary
ENVPOL-M Environmental Policy Minor Minor
ENVSCI-M Environmental Science Minor Minor
EOH-M Env & Occup Health Minor Minor
ES&P-BS Environmental Sci & Policy BS Interdisciplinary
EXCH Exchange Program Major
EXCH_GD Exchange Program - Graduate Major
EXCH-AE Aeronautical Eng (Exchange) Course of Study
EXCH-BUS Business (Exchange) Course of Study
EXCH-BUSST Business Studies (Exchange) Course of Study
EXCH-CE Civil Engineering (Exchange) Course of Study
EXCH-CEE Civil Engineering (Exchange) Course of Study
EXCH-CHEME Chemical Eng (Exchange) Course of Study
EXCH-CHME Chemical Eng (Exchange) Course of Study
EXCH-COMM Communication (Exchange) Course of Study
EXCH-ECE Electrical Engineering Course of Study
EXCH-EE Electrical Eng (Exchange) Course of Study
EXCH-HUM Humanities (Exchange) Course of Study
EXCH-IEM Int Eng & Mgmt (Exchange) Course of Study
EXCH-IT Information Tech (Exchange) Course of Study
EXCH-MAE Mechanical Eng (Exchange) Course of Study
EXCH-MATH Math (Exchange) Course of Study
EXCH-MBA Business Adm (Exchange) Course of Study
EXCH-ME Mechanical Eng (Exchange) Course of Study
EXCH-PSYC Psychology (Exchange) Course of Study
EXCH-PTDPT Physical Therapy DPT(Exchange) Course of Study
EXCH-SCI Science (Exchange) Course of Study
EXCH-UNIV University Studies (Exchange) Course of Study
FIA-BS Financial Info Analysis BS Major
FIN-BS Finance BS Major
FIN-BSS Finance BS Major
GNDEG Graduate Non-Degree Major
HIGH-SCH High School Enrichment Program Course of Study
HIST-BS History BS Major
HONORS Honors Program Honors
HUM-BS Humanities BS Major
HUM-BSS Humanities BS Major
IB&B Interdisciplinary Bioscience & Biotechnology - PhD
IEM-BS Int Engineering & Mgmt BS Interdisciplinary
IEM-BSS Int Engineering & Mgmt BS Interdisciplinary
IH-BS Ind. Hygiene & Env Tox BS Interdisciplinary
IH-BSS Ind. Hygiene & Env Tox BS Interdisciplinary
IND-M Individually Designed Minor
INTCC-M Int & Cross-Cultural Minor Minor
ISBP-BS Info Sys & Bus Processes BS Major
IT-M Information Technology Minor
IT-MS Information Technology MS Interdisciplinary
LAW-M Law Studies Minor Minor
LIBST-BS Interdisc Liberal Studies Major
MATH-BS Mathematics BS Major
MATH-BSS Math BS Major
MATH-M Mathematics Minor Minor
MATH-MS Mathematics MS Major
MATH-PHD Mathematics PhD Major
MATSTAT-BS Applied Math and Statistics BS Major
MECHE-BS Mechanical Engineering BS Major
MECHE-BSS Mechanical Engineering BS Major
ME-ME Mechanical Engineering ME Major
ME-MS Mechanical Engineering MS Major
ME-PHD Mechanical Engineering PhD Major
MGMT-MBA Graduate MBA Major
MGMTSYS-MS Management Systems MS Major
MIS-BS Management Information Syst BS Major
MIS-BSS Management Information Syst BS Major
MKTG-BS Marketing BS Major
MKTG-BSS Marketing BS Major
MSE-PHD Materials Sci and Eng PhD Interdisciplinary
NON-DEG Non-Degree Major
PHY-BS Physics BS Major
PHY-BSS Physics BS Major
PHY-M Physics Minor Minor
PHY-MS Physics MS Major
PHY-PHD Physics PhD Major
PMGT-MS Professional Management MS Major
POLSCI-BS Political Science BS Major
POLSCI-BSS Political Science BS Major
PRE-PT Pre-Physical Therapy PRP
PROFCOM-M Prof Communication Minor Minor
PROJ-M Project Management Minor
PSYC-BS Psychology BS Major
PSYC-BSS Psychology BS Major
PSYC-M Psychology Minor Minor
PSYL-BS Psychology (Liberal Arts) BS Major
PT-DPT Physical Therapy DPT Major
PT-MPT Physical Therapy MPT Major
SCIST Science Studies Major
SESE-M Sustain Energy Sys Eng Minor Minor
SFTWE-BS Software Engineering BS Interdisciplinary
SFTWE-M Software Engineering Minor Minor
SIPP-M Science, Tech & Society Minor Minor
SOC DOC Social Documentation Interdisciplinary
SOC-BS Sociology BS Major
SOCSCI-BS Int Social Sciences BS Major
SOCSCI-BSS Social Sciences BS Major
STAT-M Statistics Minor Minor
SUPPLY-BS Global Supply Chain Management Major
UNIVST University Studies Major