Message From the Chair

We are excited to share with you the winter edition of the Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering e-newsletter. Our students and faculty continue to amaze us as they pursue the interdisciplinary research and knowledge needed to solve real-world problems. In this edition, we have highlighted just a few of their stories. I hope you enjoy reading them.

— John Dempsey, Professor/Chair of Civil & Environmental Engineering

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Hayley Shen

Climate at the Top of the World

We know the climate is changing; what would be helpful is being able to accurately predict those changes and their effects. Just because Professor Emeritus Hayley Shen has retired doesn’t mean she’s stopped working toward this goal. These days, you can find her using computational modelling to study how climate change will affect Arctic ice.

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Student Innovation Awarded

Winning yet another contest is just par for the course in the lives of two Clarkson students who run KLAW Industries. This time, their product, a recycled material used in concrete manufacturing, drew the acclaim of the American Society of Civil Engineers, which gave its Best Student Innovation Award.

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DoD Logo

Environmental Defense

National defense is more than protecting the country from external threats; it’s also safeguarding the nation from environmental threats —  which is where Clarkson’s Center for Air and Aquatic Resources Engineering & Sciences (CAARES) comes in. The Department of Defense recently accredited CAARES to perform analysis for per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances, persistent and polluting synthetic chemical compounds.

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We’re a Good Investment

Getting a bang for your buck has always been a priority for those considering which college to attend. If they didn’t hear about it elsewhere, prospective students reading the new guidebook, Colleges Worth Your Money, can rest assured that Clarkson, one of only 150 colleges featured, is an investment they will be happy they made.

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