Message From the Director

Here in The Center for Advanced Materials Processing (CAMP), we strive to perform innovative and collaborative research that industry partners can apply to their own products and manufacturing processes. Exemplifying this mission, the CAMP affiliates highlighted in this newsletter are not only developing methods and materials that can improve lives, but are also providing students with opportunities for hands-on research projects important to industry. We are proud to share their news with you.

— Devon Shipp, Director of CAMP, Professor of Chemistry & Biomolecular Science

Devon Shipp
Project leads from L to R: Research Associate Dr. Adrash Narayanan, Professor Mario Wriedt and Ph.D. Candidate John Hadynski

Ready for the Sun

Taking “typically fundamental research to an applied level and doing something good for people” — that’s what excites Professor Mario Wriedt about the project he’s working on for Estée Lauder. And it will be good: People will have longer protection against UV rays when they use the sunscreen he’s developing, because it will be effective all day after only a single application.

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Excited to Meet You in Person!

Get ready to network, present, listen and learn at our annual CAMP technical meeting, which takes place in person May 25 and 26 in the beautiful Thousand Islands! Clarkson faculty and students, as well as representatives from industry and New York state, will be on hand to share their work and learn about yours. We hope you can join us. 

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The words 2022 CAMP Annual Technical Meeting over a abstract black background with enlarged green particles
ACS Desalination

Easing the Megadrought

According to a recent study in Nature Climate Change (Williams et al. 2022), the Southwest is experiencing a megadrought the likes of which have not been seen in more than 1,000 years. The race to find viable water sources is on, and Clarkson researchers are in the lead with a novel solar-powered electrochemical desalination device.

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Protecting Workers

Even before the pandemic, chemical engineer Matthew Borowiak ’19 was invested in creating the best possible personal protective equipment (PPE). He founded his company, Workers First, as a student and is working with one of his former professors to create acid-neutralizing PPE products that will safeguard miners, scientists, military personnel and first responders, among others.

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Matthew Borowiak