Message From the Director

We are excited to share with you the winter edition of the CAMP e-newsletter. Our students and faculty continue to amaze us as they pursue the interdisciplinary research and knowledge needed to solve real-world problems. In this edition, we have highlighted just a few of their stories. I hope you enjoy reading them.

— Devon Shipp, Director of CAMP, Professor of Chemistry & Biomolecular Science

Devon Shipp

Navy Reaches Out to Clarkson

Joint care is a concern for all of us at some point — even ships need professional joint help. But instead of consulting a rheumatologist, the U.S. Navy turned to a group of Clarkson professors, who will assist it in developing novel structural joining methods as an alternative to more costly, yet widely used mechanical joints.

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Welding Group Awards Researchers

And the award for most valuable student or faculty paper published in the Welding Journal goes to … a group of Clarkson researchers, for their paper, “In-situ Monitoring of Transient Strain Formation in Vertical Welds.” Their study received the prestigious Charles H. Jennings Memorial Award from the American Welding Society.

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AWS Award Winners
Advanced Sustainable Systems

Got Milk? It Could Reduce CO2 

Clarkson researchers have discovered a way to create activated carbons from an unlikely source — milk. These carbons can then be used to capture CO2 from fossil fuel-based power plant emissions. Titled “CO2 Capture: Dry and Wet CO2 Capture From Milk‐Derived Microporous Carbons With Tuned Hydrophobicity,” their research paper was recently featured in Advanced Sustainable Systems.

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E&M Program In National Top 25

Cross-training has always been important, but, in the current economic climate, being able to move nimbly between job roles is even more critical. At Clarkson, our engineering and management (E&M) program gives students the skills to do just that. And has recognized how well we do it, ranking our program in the top 25 E&M programs nationally. 

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E&M Ranking