Message From the Director

After making it through the challenges of the past year, CAMP remains a stalwart supporter of entities looking to develop advanced materials. We have continued to lend our expertise and resources to further exploration of areas requiring deeper understanding, such as PFAS contamination and remediation, and neurotransmitters in the brain. We are also hosting the 24th International Symposium on Chemical-Mechanical Planarization on August 16-19. I hope to see you there. 

— Devon Shipp, Director of CAMP, Professor of Chemistry & Biomolecular Science

Devon Shipp

Symposium Aug. 16-19

Mark your calendars! Once again, CAMP is hosting the International Symposium on Chemical-Mechanical Planarization. This year’s event, taking place August 16-19, will be virtual. While we are sad to miss seeing everyone in person, we hope to welcome more global participants to our vibrant community, thanks to the accessible digital format.

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Removing Pollutants

At Clarkson, we are always looking for ways to take care of the environment and create a safe and healthy natural experience for everyone. In their latest effort to tackle the problem of chemical pollutants, a group of CAMP-affiliated researchers detailed a new methodology for removing PFASs from contaminated water in Chemistry of Materials.

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Mario Wriedt Group
Silvana Andreescu and Stephanie Schuckers

Understanding the Brain

We all have one, and not a moment goes by when we aren’t using it. Yet for all our dependence on the brain, we don’t understand much of its workings. Funded by an NSF award, CAMP-affiliate Professor Silvana Andreescu is teaming up with Professor Stephanie Schuckers to develop biosensors that will shed more light on the brain’s neurotransmitters.

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Excellence Rewarded

Students at Clarkson learn from some of the best teachers, scholars, innovators and researchers. Our ranking as a top-tier research university is thanks to the faculty who guide our research programs. The University recently recognized such a faculty member, Professor Devon Shipp, with the Clarkson Award for Excellence in Research & Scholarship.

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Devon Shipp