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Companies may hire you for what you want to do whether or not they have an advertised job.  Research shows up to 85% of positions never actually become advertised! That’s called the hidden job market, and it’s a minefield of opportunity once you uncover it. Your personal contacts are also invaluable in your effort to uncover this hidden market as they often hear rumors about a need for more employees before the employer decides that need is pressing. This is where you use the cover letter in a prospecting mode; you are in a sense prospecting for employment gold before any of your competition gets there!

Employer Websites:  It may not seem like it, but employers DO pay attention to their on-line applications.  They often don’t tell anyone - until you get a call inviting you to an on-site interview.  A well written letter of application accompanying your well developed resume can often have you smiling all the way to the airport. Target employers you like and go for it.

  • NOTE: Don’t reinvent the wheel: Read the language from the job description, mimic it in your documents where appropriate, and you will sound like you are just what they need!
  • Use Industry guides like and city lists for competitors of your favorite employers who may have openings or cities with the highest % of education….chances are there are lots of professional jobs there too! Google top employers where you want to be.
  • Located in the Career Center:  The Rochester Business List; Vermont Business Directory; Book of Lists-Albany, Atlanta, Central New York/Binghamton, Boston, Capitol District, North Carolina Corporate Triangle, Greater Washington DC; Partners in Philanthropy-Albany; New York’s Tech Valley.
  • National Job Fairs – advertised on Knightlink’s calendar

Chambers of Commerce – Review the member directory for any chamber to learn about organizations in that area

  • Government jobs:
  • Temporary Employment Agencies – Can help build your experience while you continue the search efforts
  • State Employment Agencies -
  • Volunteer Work:  Often leads to the 85% of jobs that are never advertised!
  • Third Party Recruiters or Headhunters: If they’re reputable, the employer pays the fee.  NOT you. Can be very effective.  Often used more for more experienced candidates, but sometimes entry level.