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Networking takes time and lots of action, but it pays off.  Think about it.  If you had a job to fill, and there are many qualified candidates, wouldn’t you want to take some of the risk out of your choice, and go with a known quantity?  The letter writing guide has sample networking notes that you can send.

Alumni: >37K strong. Many can and will help, especially when approached appropriately.  Need help with that?  Ask us!

  • LinkedIn Clarkson University Alumni GroupCome join over 5000 Clarkson alumni waiting to help you
  • Alumni Reports: Lists of alumni are made available to Clarkson students; pulled from the entire bank of information that CU has available. Some don’t realize we offer their information, and can opt out, but when approached politely for information and advice, most are VERY pleased to try to help.
  • City Chapter and Regional Events:  You’re invited and will be royally welcomed. Everyone has a soft spot for a student! Learn about them at

Faculty: They know people, and many have reputations which stretch the world over.  Talk to them and tell them what you are looking for.  See if they can help open a door.  YOU have to do the work once you’re in, but everyone needs help to start.

Career Center Staff:  Tell us what you want and we’ll partner with you toward it.

Professional Associations and Publications can yield many positions or leads.  Read and act!  Sometimes a letter of congratulations can spur a ticket to a fruitful relationship.  Everyone likes to be acknowledged. 

Former employers: Talk to former supervisors and employees of where you have worked to obtain their ideas.