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Branding Services Offered

  • Candidate sourcing and target marketing for your positions: Corporate and organizational partners may create a user account on KnightLink, at All positions are listed free of cost. Once a position is posted, the Career Center takes a proactive marketing approach in sourcing candidates and attracting those that best meet your desired qualifications. Students can be directed to your system.
  • Corporate Branding: Even if you are not able to visit campus, the Career Center can promote your organization to students through our social media outlets, student clubs/organizations, faculty, and via our digital monitors in one of the highest student traffic areas on campus. To identify your specific branding needs and to discuss which option(s) meet your needs, please contact the Career Center.
  • Cooperative education and internship programs: Over 40% of the current Clarkson employer partners utilize this method of recruiting. The Career Center works with all academic majors to identify students that fit the needs of today’s employers. We maintain an extensive database of names, categorized by major and class year. This is a perfect way to manage your short term projects and assignments and to get a head start on identifying talent for permanent hiring needs upon graduation.
  • Exposure to students - Information Sessions & Club Presentations
    If you wish to meet groups of students, the Career Center can arrange general and/or targeted presentations, including:

    Information Sessions
    • Lunch & Learns
    • Coffee Break & Résumé Collection
    • Social Media
    • Virtual Information Sessions via Skype
    • Sponsor Research or Student Projects
    • Classroom Presentations
    • Club Presentations
  • Virtual Events:  If you are unable to visit campus, we offer other recruiting options such as virtual fairs, as well as Skype and/or teleconferencing programs for information sessions or interviews.