Employer Co-op Policy

Requirements for Employers Hiring CU Co-ops:

  1. Position must be full time (35 hours per week or more)
  2. All co-ops must be paid minimum wage or higher
  3. Duration of co-op (regarding start and end dates) must coincide with registrar’s enrollment period each semester
  4. No more than two consecutive co-op terms will be permitted for any student
  5. Experience must be related to the student’s major
  6. Employers are asked to fill out one survey at the completion of the student’s experience
  7. All other state and federal employment laws apply


Housing assistance is not required, but can be used as a competitive advantage to attract candidates to your program. Each employer handles housing and relocation assistance differently.


As part of the co-op program, students must be compensated. For average hourly wages, contact the Career Center.


All co-ops are required to run throughout the duration of the coinciding academic semester. Many employers prefer to add a summer on to the experience. Employers may ask a co-op to stay one additional semester. Please note, a student is only allowed to take up to two consecutive semesters away on co-op.