Internships, Co-ops and Careers

Our 97% placement rate is impressive because, at Clarkson, our students aren't just getting jobs in any industry and any company. That that number is comprised of our students who are starting careers they actually want, in the industries they spent their time Clarkson preparing for, at leading companies. They are in high demand, earning some of the highest salaries in the nation, which carries over into their mid-career salaries and beyond. 

How do we make this happen? Through a combination of strong network and alumni connections, academic and career support, incredible hands-on opportunities, and relevant real-world work experience. Clarkson student resumes' sing, setting our students apart in competitive job markets and graduate school selections.

Internships and Co-ops

Nearly all Clarkson students have at least one, if not many, co-op and internship experiences. These opportunities don't involve fetching coffee for the office, either. Our students are put to the test, working on real company projects and making a difference. Many of these students are so impactful, they are asked to return to the same companies for more opportunities.

Students line up internships and co-ops mainly through Clarkson's award-winning Career Center. The Career Center hosts two Career Fairs each year (one in the spring semester and one in the fall semester) that bring in nearly 200 companies over the course of three days. They hold information sessions, interviews and meet and greets to mingle with Clarkson students and share their expertise on the current job market. 

Strong Industry Connections

We're 42,000+ strong in alumni alone. Add into that a vast array of corporate partners, educational institutions and organizations, and you've got yourself an outstanding network of people all looking to hire Clarkson students and graduates. 

Not only are our alumni employed at some of the nation's top companies, 1 in 5 of them are a CEO, senior executive or owner of a company. This means that Clarkson grads are not only getting jobs at the companies they want, they are seen as leaders, too. These influential Clarkson alumni frequently come back to campus to create new opportunities for Clarkson students, share their professional wisdom and recruit top talent.

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Personalized Support

Between the Student Success Center and the Career Center, our students have access to an incredible support system. Grades do matter when it comes to getting into the careers and companies Clarkson students strive for, and our staff does their best to ensure our students are successful with achieving their goals. 

Academically, the Student Success Center and Writing Center offers a variety of services like small group tutoring, writing assistance, test prep services, and academic advising. Career-wise, our Career Center sponsors a number of events throughout the semester that focus on everything from networking, etiquette, resume and cover letter writing and interviewing skills. They also offer one-on-one consultations and even help our students with professional attire. 

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International Experiences

At Clarkson, we value our students having a global perspective. Many of our students choose to have international experiences through a variety of ways - traditional study abroad, our two- or three-week Global Business Programs, courses in Canadian Studies (which involve traveling frequently across the border), or service learning opportunities. Students in the Reh School of Business are required to have an international experience. 

Study & Research Abroad

Clarkson students can participate in a traditional semester or full academic year study abroad program at one of our 55 partner universities in 28 countries, including: Australia (7 universities); Austria (1); Canada (1); China (4); Croatia (1); Denmark (1); England (4); France (7); Germany (3); Hong Kong (1); Hungary (1); India (1); Ireland (1); Italy (4); Japan (1); Mexico (2); Netherlands (1); New Zealand (1); Romania (1); Scotland (2); Singapore (2); South Africa (1); South Korea (1); Spain (1); Sweden (2); Taiwan (1); Uruguay (1); and Vietnam (1).

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Global Business Programs

Our Global Business Programs are three-week trips that take place right after the spring semester ends. Students travel with other Clarkson students and faculty to study business and cultures around the world. The trip itineraries change each year, but recent trips have ventured across the globe to countries like Argentina and Chile; Croatia; England; Italy; Singapore and Malaysia; Switzerland; and Thailand. 

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Service Learning Abroad

Student organizations and some academic courses like Engineers for International Sustainability, Doctors Without Borders, Students Without Borders, Environmental Citizenship in the Dominican Republic and Eco Challenge in the Dominican Republic participate in annual service learning trips abroad. In most cases, there is a hands-on component related to the students' academic area of study. 

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