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Corporate Sponsors

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CAMP Corporate Sponsor Benefits

Membership Fee: $35,000/yr

Board of Advisors: Each Corporate Sponsor will be invited to have a representative serve on the CAMP Industrial Board of Advisors.  This Board will review the Center's annual research plan and past performance, consider ideas for potential projects, suggest future directions for research, review CAMP faculty proposals annually and make recommendations on expenditure of pooled funds.

Access to Research Personnel: Corporate Sponsors may contact Center personnel directly to discuss research, technical, or educational issues.  Members of the Center will visit the Corporate Sponsor for technical discussions and offer special seminars or technical courses.

Patent Rights: Patent rights for sponsored research belong to Clarkson University as required by US law. However, title can be assigned to the sponsor as negotiated with a license for exclusive use worldwide.

Research Access and Review: Corporate Sponsors will have early access to all non-proprietary CAMP research and can participate in all “Research Review” meetings at which the research results of the Center will be presented by faculty, graduate students, and post-doctoral research associates. Typically, four meetings will be held every year.

Special Technical Assistance: A Corporate Sponsor may request CAMP’s assistance in evaluating samples or performing research of specific interest to the Corporate Sponsor. Center personnel will respond to each written request and submit a proposal consistent with the Center's objectives. Acceptance by the Corporate Sponsor will be subject to a separately funded and negotiated agreement that also covers property intellectual property rights and licensing. Short term projects will also be conducted but only for CAMP member companies.

Courses:  Corporate Sponsors can participate in summer courses, short courses, and open seminars offered by the Center at reduced rates.

Student Information: The Center will provide a list of names of graduate students seeking materials processing and synthesis-related positions in industry.

Researcher-in-Residence: A Corporate Sponsor may send one or two individuals to Clarkson to work on a mutually-agreed upon project in collaboration with CAMP faculty.

Discounted Rates: Access to various CAMP analytical instruments including SEM/TEM/XRD/NMR/Nanoindentor/X-ray tomography/AFMs, etc., will be provided on a priority basis and at a significantly discounted rate.

Project Cost Sharing: Research projects sponsored by corporate sponsors will be eligible for cost sharing of up to 20% of the project costs. In return, the company will provide a statement annually on the economic benefits of the project that will be submitted to NYSTAR, the NY State agency that supports CAMP.


For questions / additional information; contact Elisabeth Cain at 315-268-3748; email: or David Gower at 315-261-0826; email: or Leila Boyea at 315-268-2336; email: