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Clarkson University Celebrates Grand Opening of Wind Turbine Blade Test Facility Funded by CECET and NYSERDA  

The Center for Evaluation of Clean Energy Technology (CECET) and the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) joined Clarkson University in announcing the grand opening of a new Blade Test Facility that will test the strength and rigidity of small- and medium-scale wind turbine blades. There is no other testing site for this scale of blade in the United States, with the exception of the wind testing labs, operated by the Department of Energy (DOE), that support commercial certification testing. This Facility is co-directed by Clarkson Professors Pier Marzocca (of the University’s Department of Mechanical & Aeronautical Engineering) and Kerop Janoyan (of the University’s Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering) and is operated by the facility manager Daniel Valyou’11. 

The CECET Blade Test Facility serves manufacturers of small and medium-size turbines, which range from backyard-sized residential turbines to turbines capable of providing significant power for a municipal facility, large farm, or manufacturing complex.

Large and frequent fluctuations in wind intensity and directions can cause structural problems for wind turbine blades. Blade testing is necessary to certify wind turbines to international standards for strength and safety, and can be used by manufacturers to market the benefits of their products, as well as improve product standards and quality.

More information about the Blade Test Facility (BTF) at Clarkson University can be found at

Blade Test

Clarkson Universitycelebrates the grand opening of its Wind Turbine Blade Test Facility, funded by CECET and NYSERDA. Left to right: Clarkson Associate Professor Pier Marzocca (facility co-director), National Renewable Energy Laboratory Engineer Nathan Post, NYSERDA Program Manager Jeff Peterson, NYSERDA Program Manager Jacques Roeth, NYSERDA President and CEO Francis J. Murray Jr., Clarkson University President Anthony Collins, CECET Executive Director Rick Lewandowski, Intertek Senior Staff Engineer Tom Buchal and Clarkson Associate Professor Kerop Janoyan (facility co-director).


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