Student Business Research Opportunities

Every student in the Reh School of Business has the opportunity to pursue research if they have an interest. Here are some examples of students working with faculty experts on research projects:

Assistant Professor Golshan Madraki
Assistant Professor Golshan Madraki

Nicole Ellegate has collaborated with Professor Rohan Crichton, Assistant Professor of Consumer and Organizational Studies, on a paper, "Clearing up the benefits of a fossil fuel sector diversified board: A climate change mitigation strategy," published in the journal, Business and Society Review.

Assistant Professor of Engineering and Management, Golshan Madraki has brought several students into her research projects while at Clarkson. Gillian Kurtic, Allie Tessier, Jacob Merritt, Izzi Grasso, Jackie Otala, and Alden Menard have all worked with Professor Madraki on various projects, such as "Political Polarization and Platform Migration: A Study of Parler and Twitter Usage by United States of America Congress Members" and "Leadership Style for Various Industries with High Rate of Turnover."

Professor Bebonchu Atems and student
Professor Bebonchu Atems

Emily McGraw, Michael Maresca, and Baomei Ma teamed up with Professor Bebonchu Atems, Professor of Economics and Financial Studies, to co-author a paper titled, "The Impact of El Niño-Southern Oscillation on U.S. Food and Agricultural Stock Prices” which was published in the journal, Water Resources and Economics. Professor Atems has worked with many other undergraduate students on various research projects, including Qingyang Liu on the paper titled, "Public Education Expenditures, Taxation, and Growth: A State-Level Analysis," published in the journal, Applied Economics Letters;  Corey Williams on the paper titled, "Do Jet Fuel Price Movements Help Forecast Airline Fares and the Demand for Air Travel?" published in the journal, Applied Economics LettersChelsea Hotaling on "Renewable and Nonrenewable Electricity Generation and Economic Growth” published in the journal, Energy Policy; and Grayden Shand on two papers on entrepreneurship and income inequality.

Professor of Economics and Financial Studies Guoyu Lin brought on undergraduate students Laura Wing and Richard Pandel to his research project related to ethics and accounting. The trio presented their research titled "Teaching ethics in accounting undergraduate classroom: a case study from a private university from the Northeast” at the American Accounting Association Teaching Learning and Curriculum Midyear Colloquium. Professor Lin also supervises undergraduate student Brian Foote on his current research project in sustainability and accounting.

- Engineering and Management Professor John Milne not only brings students in to work on his research projects such as new methods for boarding passengers on commercial airplanes, but he also encourages students to become inventors. In fact, several dozens of Professor Milne's students have filed provisional U.S. patent applications in past years. 

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