The minor in Business is designed for students with a major outside of the school of Business who wish to pursue a collateral area in Business. Completion of the minor provides broad exposure to the foundations of major business functions. These areas include accounting, economics, finance, law, organizational behavior, operations management and marketing. All students choosing to minor in Business must complete 18 credit hours, or six courses, from among the following:

  • EC150 Principles of Microeconomics or Economic Principles and Engineering
  • or EC350 Economics
  • EC151 Principles of Macroeconomics or Economic Principles and Engineering
  • or EC 350 Economics
  • AC205 Introduction to Accounting for Decision Analysis
  • LW270 Law and Society I
  • OS286 Organizational Behavior
  • FN361 Financial Management I
  • OM331** Operations & Supply Chain Management
  • MK320** Principles of Marketing

* Students who complete EC350 – Economic Principles and Engineering Economics are exempt from taking EC150 and EC151. EC350 covers material from both EC150 and EC151. EC350 will satisfy one course towards the minor. Students must then choose their remaining five classes from AC205, LW270, OS286, FN361, OM331 or MK320.

**Students choosing to take either OM331 or MK320 must also complete IS200 Computer Application Fundamentals (1 credit) or IS211 Intro to ERP Tools and Applications (3

credits) either as a prerequisite or a co-requisite.