Course Overview & Information

The $112-billion equestrian industry of the twenty-first century has struggled to address issues of economics and business. Using the interdisciplinary tools of economics, psychology, and gender studies, students in this course will learn how the status quo evolved and can be navigated through cultural norms, customs, and niche market biases. Issues of power and justice as they apply to the coach/rider experience and patterns of abuse within the industry will also be explored. This is also a master class in incentives—because for better or worse, incentives rule our world. Students will be equipped with an intellectual skill set to navigate through and flourish within the sport.

Are you ready to understand the incentives of those around you, improve your performance outcomes, and make better decisions?

If you have questions like:
  • How is price determined? 
  • Who is working for my best interests? 
  • Did you ever wonder about the inner workings of the equestrian community? 
  • What are my best choices with a limited budget? 
  • How do I expand my equestrian horizon?
You will find:
  • That the intuitive “right” decision can be totally wrong
  • Norms and customs can mask irrational decision making
  • Business as usual looks very different under an economic microscope
  • Understanding total costs will help you make money-saving decisions
  • The long way is the short way
  • Common “make-or-buy” mistakes
And gain these skills and insights: 
  • Learn to calculate the true value of an investment in the industry
  • Learn to “play” the game by making the most of your resources
  • Learn to think more productively, more creatively, more rationally
  • This is a master class in understanding incentives in the horse world.
While Enjoying the Benefits of Online Learning:
  • You don’t miss any horse shows or days at the barn
  • Location Independent 
  • Interact with famous equestrians through Guest Lectures
  • Incredible peer group to form friendships and industry networking

Who should attend this course?

This course is ideal for: 

  • College and high school students
    • Resume booster for pre-college or students planning to transfer
    • College credit to ease the load on busy semesters
  • Employees in the equestrian community
    • Interest in a successful equestrian career
    • Networking and industry connections
  • Professionals
    • Addressing your power to improve the outcomes for you and to improve the equestrian community
    • Move from intuition to planning
  • Equine business owners
    • Long term, Short term, and doing more than surviving
    • Understand the consequences to total costs
  • Amateurs
    • enhance and enrich your participation in equestrian sports and ownership
    • Deploy your resources wisely
  • Equestrian reporters and writers
    • provide your audience with far greater insights when you understand the forces that drive the news
  • Investors in the industry
    • Maximize investments of Time, treasure, and people 
    • Understand the forces that truly influence each investment
  • Teachers and trainers in the industry
    • provide a broader context of the equestrian arena 
    • Identify pathways for individual students to thrive
  • Parents
    • to understand the field and make the best decisions for their children