Enhance your Clarkson Experience

Badges are supplements to the current resources available on campus. By attaching learning methods, objectives, and assessment to existing resources, earners can choose whether they want to pursue this resource casually or through a badge. 

Validation and Confidence

Pursuing resources through badges delivers thorough validation and assessment so earners can feel confident adding their badges to their resume and sharing them on social media. 

Translation to External Connections

Badges translate the resources available on campus into skill sets better understood by employers and the job market. All badges are tagged with skills directly related to current job postings. 

What Kind of Badges are Available?

Clarkson provides Remote and Campus-Based badges. The full list of all badges available at Clarkson can be found on Clarkson’s Acclaim profile, Clarkson University - Badges.

Campus-Based Badges

Campus-based badges are currently only available to Clarkson students, faculty, and staff.

Campus-based badges currently being offered can be found on the Badges and Micro-Credentials’ intranet page. Below you will see some of our most popular asynchronous badges you can enroll in right now. Click on one of the badges to begin enrolling!


How do I access these badges?

To register for a badge, please visit the Clarkson Credly Page.

Clarkson University Credly page

Once you register for a badge or badge series, you are enrolled in that badge's Moodle course page (which can be found in your Moodle dashboard under the tab "My Courses"). If you enroll in a badge series, you are enrolled in that badge series’ Moodle course page which houses all of the badges within that series. Once you have accessed the badge's course page, you can start the steps necessary to complete your first badge.

Please note, that if you are an association looking to use an existing or new resource as a badge, please contact badges@clarkson.edu. Resources that constitute a badge are ones that:

  • Provide career and professional development for students, faculty, staff, or alumni 
  • Demonstrate growth outcomes
  • Include more then 50 potential badge earners
  • Are standardized, verifiable, and have replicable learning outcomes.

Resources that do not constitute a badge are ones that:

  • Track for compliance or training
  • Are events only counting attendance
  • Include less than 50 potential badge earners
  • Have subjective standards and measures (professional experiences)
I have an idea for a badge, where can I propose this idea?

If you have an idea for a badge you would like to see, fill out the google form below. If you are an employer or professor looking to make a badge, see the tab above. Email badges@clarkson.edu with any questions you may have.

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