Advocates and Allies

  • Designed to improve gender equity through the direct and proactive engagement of men faculty.

    • Advocates: senior men faculty who educate themselves about issues of gender [in]equity; 

    • Allies: men faculty whom the Advocates train as proponents for gender equity in their departments.

  • Used by more than 15 universities, including Lehigh University and Rochester Institute of Technology

  • In consultation with women faculty

  • Program introduction and training by North Dakota State University founders of program: Fall 2020 Semester

Workshops will be announced periodically. For more information or get involved, contact Christopher Robinson

Structural Changes: Policies and Practices

  • Operations Manual Review
  • Department Chair duties with explicit reference to fostering a supportive, diverse, and inclusive departmental environment
  • Examination and possible revision of academic policies in relation to recruitment and retention of women faculty
  • Improving awareness of policies and ensuring that they are put into practice

Oral History Research

  • Perform in-depth oral history interviews with a sample of current and former Clarkson female-identified STEM faculty.
  • Deepen our understanding of the challenges female-identified STEM faculty face, especially at small, technological universities in geographically isolated settings.
  • Inform attempts to change campus cultures and increase recruitment, retention, and advancement of female-identified STEM faculty.