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Monroe Community College '09

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I’m from…Farmington, N.Y.

My major is...Engineering & Management

I transferred to Clarkson because…I knew it was one of the best engineering schools in the country and it had a unique interdisciplinary major where I could combine business with engineering.

Being a student at Clarkson has helped me…broaden my horizons for how many opportunities are out there for me. I recently interviewed for summer 2010 internships with Johnson & Johnson and Lockheed Martin’s nuclear power plant!

I was well prepared for Clarkson because…I was able to break bad study habits, grow mentally, and figure out what I really wanted to do with my future while at MCC.

On campus, I’m involved in…The Clarkson University Transfer Student Association, the Outdoor Club, and a bunch of sports clubs like biking, skiing and hockey. They definitely keep me in shape!

What’s hot on my plate right now…is getting involved as much as I can on campus and competing in competitive bicycle races on the weekends.

When I graduate, I want to…be successful in whatever I do and be able to give back to my community because not many people are fortunate enough to go to college. I’m hoping to work in the bicycle industry for a company like Colnago Bikes (they work with Ferrari) and design innovative bike frames out of new materials.

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