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Dutchess Community College

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Interdisciplinary Engineering & Management

Bigger isn’t necessarily better, especially not for Zaid Nesheiwat, ’10, an
interdisciplinary engineering and management (iE&M) major.

“I wanted to be in a small school, which provides more personal attention,” he said. His former school, Dutchess Community College, has more than twice the number of students as Clarkson. With less than 3,000 undergrads, Clarkson boasts a faculty-student ratio of 16 to one.

“The professors have plenty of office hours,” he said, “and they are willing to meet with students and help them in any way possible.”

Clarkson’s size and great reputation gives students an overall advantage in the job market. “Students with good grades that are involved in some campus activities get rewarded with internships, co-ops and jobs at great companies,” he said.

Nesheiwat, who was an engineering science major at Dutchess, keeps busy with his fair share of extra-curricular activities with Greek life, Student Projects for Engineering Experience and Design (SPEED) teams, the iE&M society, and the university’s transfer student association.

Nesheiwat calls the courses he’s taking “dynamic” and said they, along with Clarkson’s great career center, are preparing him well for the future.

The career center, Nesheiwat said, organizes large career fairs that bring companies on campus looking for recruits among Clarkson’s graduates. He noted that Clarkson’s reputation, as well as the quality of its students, allows the career fairs to draw over 150 potential employers.

What’s next after Clarkson? “I'm planning to work in the energy industry for a couple of years, and then go to graduate school for a business degree,” Nesheiwat said.