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Financial Information & Analysis

For Adam Sabo, ’11, getting a good job is why you go to college. And that’s why he chose to transfer to Clarkson after receiving his associate's degree in business administration from Adirondack Community College.

“I chose Clarkson because of the job success percentage after graduation,” he said. Clarkson organizes career fairs that often feature over 100 employers to choose from and has a 98% placement rate for its graduates.

And that’s why he would recommend the University for anyone considering a transfer. “I would stress the job success rate because it is the reason for going to college.”

The financial information and analysis major is taking advantage of resume builder workshops, wine-tasting classes and dining etiquette lessons Clarkson offers to help prepare students for the future.

He’s also busy as a member of the Clarkson University Transfer Student Association, the Collegiate Entrepreneur Organization and the Business Analysis team.

"Clarkson is a great place to get an education. I have only been here a semester and I feel like it is a little hometown. I like the smallish feeling,” he said. “The atmosphere is conducive for the ease of learning.”

Keeping up with schoolwork is only part of the equation, Sabo said. “You need to get involved in as much as you can handle while doing your classes. Life is definitely busy and it goes quickly.”

After graduation, Sabo isn’t sure whether he’ll pursue a master’s degree or head directly into the job market. Wherever he goes, he said, he’ll always remember what he called “the lovely weather.”