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The Doctor of Physical Therapy program at Clarkson University is a 101 credit, full time, post baccalaureate curriculum that takes 2 and 2/3 years to complete.  The program uses a problem based learning curricular model, which uniquely prepares you to become a lifelong learner and expert clinician using an integrated case based approach to learning.  You will participate in 4 full time clinical experiences in addition to hands on clinical experiences interwoven throughout the didactic portion of the curriculum.

The Department of Physical Therapy has state of the art technologies for clinical practice and research. Faculty in the department bring decades of clinical experience and scholarly vision to the classroom. Because classes are small and problem-based, you will work closely with faculty members, which promotes professional growth and success. 


If you are applying to start your undergraduate career, you can also apply to our graduate program track at the same time by completing all required material for the freshman application for undergraduate admission and checking the box on the application for pre-physical therapy as a "special advising option" in addition to selecting the undergraduate major of your choice. This does not automatically qualify you for the DPT program but ensures you have the prerequisites for a physical therapy program. The pre-physical therapy program is not a major but a series of core coursework (biology, chemistry, physics, math, statistics and psychology) and two physical therapy seminars. In fact, you’re free to pursue any major and still apply to our department. You might, for example, study engineering and management to gain a better understanding of how physical-therapy equipment works and how the mechanical principles apply to the human body. Or you might choose to study psychology to learn how to motivate and direct patients and their families. Whatever you study, the specialized knowledge and skills you acquire as an undergraduate will broaden your career opportunities as a physical therapist.

Our department helps students transition smoothly into the doctor of physical therapy program. Some of the advantages of being enrolled in the pre-physical therapy program are:

  • At least 50% of the available seats in each cohort will be held for Clarkson University pre-PT undergraduate students who successfully complete all of the necessary pre-requisite requirements.
  • A physical therapy program adviser. In addition to your major adviser, you'll be assigned a second faculty adviser from the Department of Physical Therapy. This extra mentoring relationship adds another dimension of support to your experience. You and your PT adviser will work together to define your career goals, balance your PT course requirements with major requirements, and make a successful transition to the Doctor of Physical Therapy program.
  • A solid foundation in Problem-Based Learning, which is a cornerstone of the graduate program. The pre physical therapy courses will introduce you to this student-centered, collaborative and self-directed education model. Problem-Based Learning (PBL), based on patient case studies, more closely resembles actual clinical experience. It better prepares you to be a self-motivated lifelong learner, which is essential to being a competent healthcare professional.

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