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Graduate School Mission

In congruence with the Clarkson University Mission, the Graduate School is wholly devoted to the success of our graduate community of scholars and researchers. We are committed to excellence in key dimensions of the graduate experience by:

  • Attracting, recruiting, and retaining talented, diverse, and motivated students
  • Providing students and faculty with coordinated, high quality service
  • Promoting industry-academic partnerships to support the growth of research initiatives and career opportunities
  • Being the central resource for all things graduate
Graduate School Vision

To be a world-class center of graduate recruitment, education, research and service.

Clarkson's Mission, Vision & Values

Clarkson University's academic programs and the educational experience span boundaries and vary widely in content.  At the heart of the institution's educational and operational processes are fundamental goals and values that define a common experience that shapes the growth of every Clarkson student.  The University has articled its mission, vision and values and through its strategic planning process, uses these statements of purpose and identity to evaluate and affirm Clarkson's ongoing direction and evolution to excellence.

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