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As a department we are unique as we house multiple disciplines under one roof with 23 teacher-scholars from across the liberal arts world who love what they do. We have focused programs in American studies, history and political science with flexible programs in interdisciplinary humanities, social sciences and liberal studies.

Our department provides graduates and undergraduates with excellent career preparation through critical thinking, writing, real world analysis and our own career advantage. Our “can do” attitude and small class sizes provide access to your professors on a personal basis.

Our students participate in conferences and get the chance to show their work to their peers and others around the community. Providing you the opportunity to show off your work while still in school helps prepare you for a job after graduation.

6 Reasons Behind the ROI
Be the Soul of a Tech-Driven Society
In a diverse community of faculty and students, learn how great ideas & innovation impact society
Critical & Incisive Thinking
Move forward society, the way people act & advance the human condition
World-Class Faculty with Big Agendas
Build lifetime connections with Fulbright scholars, authors, journal editors & business consultants
Stretch Boundaries
No single discipline can solve a problem alone; join research projects, competitive projects & advocacy groups to combine passions & goals
Differentiated Liberal Arts
Stand out in job market with broader perspectives, external fields & technology competencies
Double Down on Career Paths
Flexible curriculum allows you to gain more credentials through double majors & minors with other disciplines

You can’t understand what you don’t see,” says Xydias. “And you can’t change what you don’t understand. I hope to open students’ eyes to the wider political world and the role that gender plays in how people experience that world.

Christina Xydias, Assistant Professor of Political Science

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