Our Unique Opportunities

First-Year Seminar (PE100)

The First-Year Seminar (PE100) focuses on group work and team dynamics and is a required course for all Clarkson School.  First year students at Clarkson University take First-Year Seminar (FY100). The first-year seminar learning outcomes are to: 

  • Develop appropriate social interaction and communication skills, such as listening, writing and eliciting the views of others. 
  • Appreciate the value of diversity in living, academic and working environments. 
  • Demonstrate teamwork skills such as building effective relationships with peers, being a collaborative team member, and identifying and managing team conflict. 
  • Develop a set of personal, societal, and professional values that they will use to resolve the moral and ethical dilemmas and problems that will confront them at Clarkson and in their future professional, civic and personal lives. 

Discussion, team activities, leadership opportunities, and interaction with Clarkson School alumni and current Clarkson University students form the foundation of the First-Year Seminar (PE100). The foundation is built around Franklin-Covey's "Introduction to the 7 Habits of Highly Effective College Students" and is taught by a certified facilitator. In addition, other administrators on campus serve as guest speakers on various topics.

Global Business Program Opportunity

Global Business Programs provide our students with exciting opportunities to expand their education in an international setting. Participation in a Global Business Program helps to prepare students to work and compete in an international business environment. Developing an understanding of the world beyond the boundaries of the United States will be a huge advantage as students begin their career.   

For those Clarkson School students interested in experiencing international travel, they can apply for any program but are given top priority for the class and trip during the spring semester during the March break. This section is taught by the Associate Head of The Clarkson School. Past travels included the countries of France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Ireland and England. In March 2019, a class and trip is planned for Munich, Germany and Prague, Czech Republic.

Students are welcome to participate in a Global Business Program even if they are a non-business student. Global Business Experiences (UNIV399) satisfies knowledge areas Contemporary and Global (CGI) and Cultures and Society (CSO).  

Fast-track Honors Program

Our Fast-track Honors Program opportunity enables The Clarkson School students who have excelled during their first semester to enter the highly selective Honors program for the spring semester if they intend to continue their education at Clarkson.

Summer Research

Or, if you’re interested in summer research, you may be able to participate in our research program during the summer before or after your year in The Clarkson School. The Clarkson School staff members will help you find a faculty mentor in your area of interest to work with and The Clarkson School will cover your housing expenses, so there is no cost to you apart from food and other personal expenses.