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For Jason Cocca, It's Easy Being Green

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After hitting the books in a Clarkson classroom one evening, Jason Cocca turned off the lights and headed down the hallway. Noticing that lights were still blazing in empty classrooms, he decided to crunch some numbers and soon realized that Clarkson was wasting a lot of energy. So he submitted a proposal to the Clarkson Sustainability Fund, recommending the installation of motion sensors in certain lecture halls and classrooms. For a $4,000 one-time investment, he figured, the University could save up to $2,500 each year on electricity. The committee selected Jason’s project for funding—and then expanded upon it, installing high-efficiency lighting as well.

Living “green” has long been a priority for Jason. “I’ve always had a big passion for the outdoors,” he says. As a kid, he loved camping with his family and his Boy Scout troop. At Clarkson, he’s the “climbing chair” for the Outing Club, leading ice- and rock-climbing trips. Now a junior, he hopes eventually to work in wind-turbine research or green engineering, so he’s majoring in aeronautical and mechanical engineering, with a minor in sustainable energy systems engineering.

Sustainability was even a deciding factor for Jason when he rushed Zeta Nu fraternity. The brothers have been replacing appliances, windows, and lighting with more energy-efficient versions. On campus, Jason serves on the Sustainability Fund’s review panel, helping decide which student proposals will join his motion-sensor project in moving from concept to reality.

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