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Sample Paper Letter Format

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10 Clarkson Ave. [Writer's Address]                                 
Potsdam, NY 13699 


December 6, 2005 [Date]              [return x2]




Ms. ………… [Reader's name, title & address.]


Director, Human Resources


ABC Corp.


1030 Park Place, Suite 600


Louis, NY 36169                                    [return x 2]




Dear Ms………:    [Formal greeting]                 [return x 2]  


I wish to apply for the Environment, Safety, and Health Co-op position which ABC Corp [Make purpose clear at the start.]. posted on Clarkson University’s e-Recruiting website. Currently, I am a junior at Clarkson  majoring in Interdisciplinary Engineering and Management. While attending Clarkson, I’ve learned the foundations to becoming a successful businesswoman with the technological know-how of an engineer. This major caters to my need to be innovative, flexible, and my desire to become a leading expert in the environmental issues, especially waste management.  


As you can see from my enclosed resume, I have gained experience in problem solving and teamwork through classes such as my EM120/121 class. In this class, we worked in teams and met the challenge of creating a product to solve an open-ended problem. We were in control of defining and solving this problem. Because of our limited timeframe, I learned to prioritize and address major concerns.  Since all of our tasks were integrated, team members greatly improved their communication skills.  


From technical reports to interacting with consultants, a person at ABC Corp. needs a problem-solving mindset and a desire to learn. I believe that I am a good candidate for this position because I have been prepared to tackle challenges. With hard work and determination, I believe that I can contribute to ABC Corp.


In closing, I would like to request an interview to discuss the Environment, Safety, and [End with your request for action.] Health Co-op position. I am very interested in this position and will contact you after my final exams end on May 15.  Thank you.


Sincerely,         [return x 4]

signature [Be sure to sign your name.]

Linda Lake