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Invite and Share

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  • On the left had side of the Gmail screen you will see a chat area.  Click “Add Contact.”
  • A popup will appear.  Enter in:
  • Click “Send invite.”  This makes us “friends,” like an AIM buddy. 

We will accept the chat invitation next time we are on the account. 


  • Click “Documents” at the top of the Gmail screen.
  •  To upload your paper, click “Upload.”
  • Browse your computer for the file, select it for upload, and label it with your name and paper topic or class.
  • Click “Upload file.”

At this point the document should appear in front of you in a “Google Document.”

  • We need you to share this document with us.  Click on “Share” in the upper right and then “Invite people.”
  • A box will appear asking you to input email addresses.  Type: and click   “Send.”
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