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Sample Interview Follow-Up Letter

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Dear _________ :




Thank you for interviewing me again today; it was good to speak with you [Remind your reader of the context.].  I learned a bit more about GE, and hopefully you were able to learn more about me and my current activities.    


I am very excited by the prospect of working as an intern for _________this summer, and possibly as a co-op in the fall.  As I mentioned in the interview, my track within Interdisciplinary Engineering and Management (iE&M) is Global Supply Chain Management (GSCM), and working in GE Supply would be a great opportunity for me to see how the ________supply chain functions [Confirms goal and adds support in this paragraph.].  I am currently taking courses specific to supply chain, such as supply chain channeling and operations management, and would love to see how the knowledge I gain from these classes is used in the workplace.   


I believe that I am a good fit for a position with ________.  I’ve developed and applied my leadership skills [Focuses on leadership.] in my recent work as the Program Chair of the iE&M Society, through my Eagle Scout project, the iE&M team project freshman year, and a week-long leadership conference this past summer. 




In addition to leadership, I have teamwork and interpersonal skills [Focuses on skills subset of leadership.] that allow me to work with people ranging from students in the Writing Center and on the Snowmobile SPEED team to the men I worked with as a land surveyor.  My strong work ethic and high personal standards will ensure that I can succeed as an intern.    


Once again, I am very interested in a summer internship and fall co-op position [Writer makes the next action clear.] with _______.  If I can provide you with any more information, please let me know.  I look forward to hearing from you.  










[If your letter is the email message rather than an attachment, put contact information here.]