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Why did you decide to explore a merger?
Both institutions came together proactively in seeking to add value to the education of graduate students, and in so doing, to provide a more sustainable long-term model for future growth. This exploration was about building on complementary existing programs while also providing new opportunities – all intended to benefit our students and support the needs of industry.

Clarkson has a national reputation in engineering, science and management, which reinforced Union Graduate Colleges strengths in those disciplines, and offers additional resources to benefit faculty, students and alumni of each school. And, Union Graduate Colleges well-regarded programs in bioethics, healthcare management and education have allowed Clarkson to expand its graduate offerings, which also include accredited programs in physical therapy, occupational therapy and physician assistant studies.

This merger is unique in higher education as both institutions were in a sound fiscal position, both were meeting and exceeding current enrollment targets, and both were in good standing with their accrediting agencies.

What does the merger look like?
The Captial Region Campus in Schenectady is the integrated hub for graduate admissions.  It is also a location for professional programs.  It is anticipated to grow in terms of both people and programs over time.   This includes Union Graduate College’s current programs in Schenectady, as well as Clarkson’s programs in locations across New York, including Beacon, Potsdam, Saranac Lake and New York City. In the merger, Union Graduate College’s employees, students, alumni and assets transitioned into Clarkson University.

Is Union Graduate College part of Union College?
No. Union Graduate College became an independent college in July 2003.

How are current students affected?
Students at both institutions should expect for the services and programs in the catalog that they started under to remain intact, and that additional resources are now available from libraries, faculty access, career services, student administrative services. The merger provides students of both institutions with access to heightened academic resources, career services and an expanded alumni network, among other benefits.

What would this mean for alumni of each institution?

Graduates of Union Graduate College are embraced by  Clarkson and its Alumni Association, benefitting from an expanded corporate and alumni network. Alumni of both institutions have access and benefit from robust and enhanced career services.

What does this mean for employees?
In the merger, Union Graduate College’s employees became Clarkson University employees in January of 2016.  The name of Union Graduate College changed to the Clarkson University in February 2016 when the merger was completed.  One objective of the merger is to add value to students and build and sustain growth in graduate programs. Clarkson will continue to offer programs at facilities in Beacon, Saranac Lake, New York City and Potsdam. The Schenectady-based campus would not only be maintained, but is anticipated to grow to serve as an integrated hub for graduate admissions and professional education. 

When was the merger complted
Both boards engaged in deep discussions in the Spring of 2015 and accrediting bodies and government agencies made their review and approvals throughout the year. The final merger took place on February 1, 2016.

For students and alumni, where will our degree be from after a merger?
Union Graduate College students who have graduated before January 1, 2016: UGC degree
Union Graduate College students who would graduate after July 1, 2017: Clarkson degree
Union Graduate College students who would graduate between January 1, 2016, and July 1, 2017: Student can choose a UGC or Clarkson degree.
Clarkson University students would continue to receive Clarkson degrees.

What are the degree requirements ?
Clarkson will honor the degree requiremens students matriculated under. Of course, with permission of the faculty on a case by case basis, you would also have the ability to transfer your credits into a different degree than the one you matriculated into.

Finally ... what will the cost be?
Tuition structures and financial aid would remain the same for Union Graduate students who matriculate and take their first UGC course toward a declared degree prior to January 1, 2016. If your degree changes, or if you start after January 1, 2016, the Clarkson tuition scale and financial aid would apply.