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To the recommender:

The student named in this form has applied for admission to The Clarkson School, a special division of Clarkson University. The Clarkson School is an early entrance program that allows talented high school students, who have demonstrated strong academic preparation for college, the opportunity to enter college at the end of their junior year in high school.

Clarkson School students are considered fully matriculated first-year students and take challenging college courses with regular University students. They live in a separate residence hall with House Advisors. The living-learning atmosphere requires academic diligence, personal responsibility, and maturity in striving to make a smooth transition toward college life. After the Clarkson School year, some students have the option to remain at Clarkson University for their sophomore year, or to move on to other colleges and universities with the assistance of their Clarkson School academic advisor.

Your full and candid appraisal of this student is an important part of the admission process. Since this is an early college entrance program, it is essential that each candidate be evaluated most carefully. Consistent with provisions of the Educational Amendments of 1974, confidential materials used in admission are not subject to disclosure.

Student Applicant Information
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General Ratings
In rating the student below, please remember that he or she will be compared with other very capable students. We recognize that you may not be able to rate with the precision implied in the various headings; use them as rough guides only. You may complete only parts, or none of the section, if you wish.
Category Rating
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Energy and Initiative:
Reaction to Setback:
Respect Accorded by Peers:
Respect Accorded by Teachers:

Additional Rating Information
Do you have unqualified confidence in the applicant's integrity?

Do you feel that the applicant has sufficient social maturity and personal responsibility to enter an early admission program that provides careful monitoring of individual progress?

Summary and Recommendations

Please write a summary appraisal that assesses the applicant's quality and promise as a Clarkson School student. Feel free to e-mail ( or mail a summary letter if you prefer. You may wish to consider the following question: Has the applicant shown genuine interest in academic work and made good use of his or her intellectual potential? What about the applicant's overall performance and leadership in extracurricular, community or work activities? How would you describe the applicant's character, aims, values and level of responsibility? Are there any special circumstances or background information that should be considered in our decision?

I recommend this applicant to The Clarkson School, in terms of academic ability, maturity, responsibility, and strength of character.

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