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Service Excellence

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Service Excellence
As part of our ongoing Evolution to Excellence, Clarkson University has embarked on a new journey of Service Excellence!

We are enhancing the excellent service, which we offer along the entire continuum of engagement, and building a best-in-class admissions, graduate, and alumni experience.

We have developed a Service Philosophy and Service Standards to give us all a common vision and purpose 

Our Service Philosophy is "We build better futures by delivering personal and exceptional service in every interaction."

Our Service Standards are:

  • Safe
    • Provide a sense of well-being about personal and physical safety
    • Educate about compliance, policies, and ways to manage risk
    • Promote a respectful work and living environment to explore and try new things
    • Be proactive about reporting and awareness of potential safety concerns
  • Courteous
    • Act in a positive and respectful manner
    • Actively listen to gain full understanding
    • Demonstrate awareness of "everything speaks"
    • Show empathy and caring
  • Responsive
    • Answer correctly. Take the time to give the right answer
    • Respond with the customer end goal/need in mind; with an empathetic manner
    • Respond in a timely manner (minimize the hoops)
    • Be proud of your contributions, show pride to deliver exceptional service
  • Collaborative
    • Identify all relevant stakeholders during the planning process
    • Seek input from others
    • Maintain professional communication and respect for others during all interactions
    • Proactively create solutions both interally and externally

A cross-departmental Service Excellence Leadership Team leads our Service Excellence effort. Each team member is part of a cross-departmental sub-committee, which is developing and implementing a set of Leadership Actions that help to create and sustain our culture of Service Excellence. Please feel free to contact team members with your ideas and feedback. 

February Employee of the Month

Clarkson University Associate Director of Publications / University Designer Renee Holsen, center, receives the Employee of the Month certificate from Vice President for External Relations Kelly O. Chezum, left, and Associate Vice President of Marketing Tim Jones.

Jai Lindsey has been named the Employee of the Month for March at Clarkson University. Lindsey, a grounds supervisor, has been honored for his commitment to service excellence in his role. In nominating Lindsey, his colleagues said he is always willing to figure out a way to get things done and "instead of immediately saying no, he works through the issue and always comes through." Lindsey brings positive energy and a can-do attitude to all his tasks. From prepping athletics fields to setting up for campus events, he is always willing to help and works hard to do things the way they should be done. He goes "above and beyond his job scope and is always willing to assist for the betterment of the student body."

If you know someone on campus who deserves to be recognized for their excellent service, nominate them for Employee of the Month!

See our past Employees of the Month.

Download a PDF of our Service Excellence poster.