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Continuance & Readmission

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Undergraduate Continuance & Readmission

Continuance or Readmission following academic separation:
Any student who has been placed on academic separation either immediately following the current semester, or during their last semester prior to their leave from Clarkson, and who wishes to return to Clarkson must request continuance or readmission by submitting a Request for Continuance or Readmission Following Separation form (PDF | DOCX).

Readmission: Former students who have been away from Clarkson for at least one semester and didn’t leave due to academic separation must request readmission by submitting a Request for Readmission form.

Readmission after a Leave of Absence: Former students who have been away from Clarkson on a Leave of Absence for at least one semester must request readmission by submitting a Request to Return from a Leave of Absence form.

All cases of undergraduate continuance and readmission require concurrent approval of the department chair or program director and of the University's Continuance and Readmission Committee. In cases of a return from an official leave of absence, such approval is assumed but needs to be verified. However, returning to Clarkson will not be allowed if a student is delinquent on a Clarkson loan or has an outstanding tuition balance.

Undergraduate students wishing to apply for continuance or readmission should send the appropriate completed form to Student Administrative Services. For the fastest response, email your form to from your official Clarkson email address.

You may also mail your form and any supporting documentation to:

Clarkson's Continuance and Readmission Committee
Student Administrative Services
PO Box 5575
Potsdam, NY 13699-5575

If you have further questions or need more information, please contact Student Administrative Services in Graham Hall, or call 315-268-6451.

Graduate Continuance & Readmission

Graduate students requesting continuance or readmission must send an email to the appropriate School.