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Prior to the start of each term an invoice will be mailed to you showing all charges, credits, anticipated aid, and balance due for the upcoming term as well as any balance from a previous term. You will receive monthly invoices that will show any prior balance due as well as any activity that occurred during the month.

View My Tuition Balance Online
If at any time you need to see the entire detail, log onto PeopleSoft Self-Service and go to Student Services Center, Account Inquiry, and click on the Activity tab.

Payment Due Dates

2015-2016 Semester Based Programs

Fall 2015 -- August 7, 2015
Spring 2016 -- December 18, 2015

2015-2016 Quarter Based Programs

Summer 2015 -- June 30, 2015
Fall 2015 -- September 23, 2015
Winter 2016 -- December 18, 2015
Spring 2016 -- March 23, 2016

Payment Options
All payments must be received in Student Administrative Services by the due date. Invoices can be paid in person, by mail, or online.  Students may opt to enroll in Clarkson’s monthly payment plan – see below for more information.

Checks must be made payable to Clarkson University.

  • Paying in person: Cash, checks, or money orders are accepted in person by the SAS cashier.  The cashier is currently located at the SAS front desk located in the Graham Hall service center.  
  • Payments by mail:  Return the bottom portion of the invoice with your payment noting the student/account number on your check or money order.

    Please mail the remittance portion of your invoice along with your payment to:
    Student Administrative Services
    Clarkson University
    PO Box 5548
    Potsdam, NY 13699-5548

    Please do not postdate checks; all payments are deposited the day they are received. There will be a $20 charge for any checks returned to us by the bank. It is strongly advised that you do not send cash through the mail.
  • Paying Online:  Pay your student account & undergraduate admission deposit online!  Clarkson is now accepting ACH payments and credit cards (for an additional convenience fee) for student accounts, payment plans, and undergraduate admission deposits. Graduate admission deposits are not available at this time. 

    You may choose to pay via direct ACH bank transfer from your checking or savings account. Credit cards accepted are MasterCard and Discover.  Please keep the following in mind:
    • There is a payment processing fee of $1.00 per transaction.  The credit card fee is $1.00 plus 3.95% of the payment amount.
    • You may make one single payment, or multiple payments if you are on the Clarkson University payment plan.

Please note that ePayments are accepted on US banks only.

Log-in now to start the process!

Clarkson University’s Payment Plan
Clarkson provides a monthly payment plan for semester based program students. The applicant determines the amount to be financed, with the maximum being total charges less estimated financial aid, and the minimum being $1,000 per term. The Payment Plan is available with no finance charge or interest charges, as long as payments are made in accordance with the terms of the contract.

Application must be received by the following dates:

2015-2016 Academic Year

Fall 2015 - July 12, 2015
Spring 2016 - November 13, 2015

For detailed information and application, please click on the appropriate academic year:

2015-2016 Academic Year Payment Plan Application

Unpaid Balances
Following each invoice payment due date, all accounts will be assessed a finance charge of 1% on all unpaid balances, including those created by deferrals. All attorneys' fees and other reasonable collection costs necessary for the collection of any amount not paid when due will be added to the unpaid balance. It is the University's policy to withhold transcripts and diplomas until the balance of the account is paid in full. Indebtedness to the College may automatically terminate current enrollment and indefinitely suspend future enrollment. The College reserves the right to request prepayment before allowing registration for future terms.

Credit Refunds/Overpayments
If total account credits result in an overpayment to Clarkson, a credit refund may be obtained. An overpayment is not valid when the credit balance on the student account is the result of anticipated financial aid awards. All overpayments are considered credit refunds due to the student and are processed as payable to the student with the exception of the Parent PLUS Loan calculation described below.

Student accounts financed by Payment Plan are not eligible for credit refunds until all obligations to the payment plan have been met. Any authorization obtained from a student for disbursing financial aid funds continues to be valid in subsequent years unless rescinded.

Credit Refunds and the Parent Borrower
The Federal Direct Parent PLUS loan funds are first applied to the student’s tuition, fees, room, and board, and, if the parent provides authorization, other educationally related charges. Since the student may receive additional unrestricted aid creating a credit refund subsequent to the Federal Direct Parent PLUS Loan posting to these charges, the refund will go directly to the student.

Any Parent PLUS Loan amount that remains after the aforementioned charges have been paid may be refunded to the parent.

If you have questions about your invoice, contact your SAS Rep.

Book Vouchers
Book vouchers, to be used at the University Bookstore, are for students who have completed all necessary requirements and who have a credit balance (may be anticipated) on their account.

The amount charged against the book voucher will be applied to the student account and reduce the amount of credit available on the account.

To request a book voucher, students must visit their SAS Representative.