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Energy Efficiency and Indoor Air Quality: Creating a Sustainable Built Environment
Mentor: Dr. Andrea Ferro
Department: Civil and Environmental Engineering

In northern climates, energy efficient buildings require tight construction to control air infiltration. However, proper ventilation is needed to maintain good indoor air quality. This project will explore the relationship between energy efficient buildings and indoor air quality. We will assess human exposure specific indoor sources of pollutants using measurement and modeling approaches. For example, the resuspension of dust particles from indoor surfaces are an important route of exposure for metals, pesticides, flame retardants, and other pollutants of concern. Work on assessing exposure to resuspended particles includes characterization of the source, modeling the transport of the particles throughout the microenvironment, assessing the impact of the human activities on pollutant levels, and developing and testing mitigation strategies for reducing exposures. The REU fellow will be working within a team graduate students but will be given ownership of a specific project related to the overall work of the group.