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Clarkson University Digester System to treat cafeteria and mixed waste
Mentor: Dr. Stefan Grimberg
Department: Civil and Environmental Engineering

Clarkson University has installed an anaerobic digester system to both managing our food wastes on-site and provide research and education opportunities. The self-contained anaerobic food digester co-generation unit is designed to treat approximately of 650 lbs/day of food waste. The waste is ground up and fed to the digester system. The net result of its full implementation will be a reduction in the volume of solid waste sent to a landfill, generation of heat and power, and discharge of a nutrient rich effluent that can be used in an on-campus greenhouse and campus grounds. The REU Participant will characterize the anaerobic digestion process in a two-stage, acid-fermentation and methanogenic reactors and optimize process control.