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Sustainable Groundwater Remediation
Mentor: Dr. Michelle Crimi
Department: Institute for a Sustainable Environment

As technologies advance to manage and treat contaminated groundwater, we are beginning to shift the way we treat sites from very aggressive, energy-intesnive approaches to more sustainable approaches that use less energy and raw materials. There is increasing focus on enhancing or mimicking natural processes, reusing undesirable materials or using recycled materials (e.g., industrial waste products) as treatment agents, and applying technologies that permanently destroy contaminants. This project will focus on the use of recycled or waste materials toward treating common organic and inorganic contaminants such as solvents, fuels, and metals. The REU student will work with a team of graduate and undergraduate students to study the treatment effectiveness and efficiency of a range of materials under varied groundwater conditions. The student will have opportunity to identify approaches to optimize treatment and/or to model treatment as a function of treatment agent, contaminant, and groundwater characteristics.