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Financing & Housing

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Finances and Housing

Research Stipend
Program participants will receive a stipend of $4,500. The stipend will be paid in equal installments. The last paycheck will be sent upon the receipt of the final project.

Food Stipend
A food stipend will be provided to participants for the ten week program. This money can be used groceries or dining out.


Free housing in the campus apartments is provided. In the past students have lived in the Townhouse Apartments and Woodstock Apartments. Both apartments are furnished have a full kitchen and bathroom, living room, and double occupancy bedrooms. The final housing selection will be based on the campus plan for summer renovations and improvements.

Travel Stipend
Approximately $600 is available for travel expenses. The actual travel stipend may vary depending on where you are coming from and how you are getting here.


Apartment living at no cost adds to an REU student's experience.

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