Max Martin's Personal Site

Research Project: Spatial and Temporal Characterization of Diesel Fumes in School Buses



Hello, and welcome to my site. I am a Junior at Clarkson University, studying Civil Engineering and Environmental Engineering. My research project with the National Science Foundation's Research Experience for Undergraduates at Clarkson University benefits people and the environment: studying the effects of bus self-pollution on health and on the bus' own micro-environment.

I stared at a computer screen a lot this summer, as I analyzed the data collected from the end of the Spring '07 semester. On the bus while we collected data, I operated the GPS unit: a Garmin Etrex Vista C. I monitored our geographic relationships and changes in bus behavior: stops, restarts, anomalous outside events (such as a passing diesel powered vehicle).

My work in the lab was to analyze these maps that I created with the GPS unit, and to analyze the data that came from the16 instruments that we had on the bus.


I had a fun summer and did a lot of stuff with the new friends that I made. We visited the Tahawus ghost mining town up in the Adirondacks (near my home), hiked a lot of mountains, and had a generally fun time.


This site is pretty straightforward. For a detailed description of my summer research, go to my abstract page.

For a look at some pictures from the program, check out the pictures site.