Randomnss is the Lifeblood of the world. Without it, we would be dead, like vampiress vegan moles. Life would just not be much fun....or very long.


Lauren likes to eat chipmunks covered with BBQ sauce and pickled anchovies!

Christina dances like a 3-legged polar bear

Nate is the leader of Clarkson Chapter of Communist Chipmunks!

Max reminds me of a teddy bear...after my dog got ahold of it...

Jess kissed my anaerobic digester!

Krunal tastes like tumeric

Maddi's mom ran over 10 turtles yesterday...and laughed with evil mirth

Ben threw poop all over Dr. Grimberg's desk. Why? Why is the world so messed up?!!

I covered all of Dan's shirts with super glue so they won't fall off so easily.

I saw Val mugging a poor homeless kid yesterday in front of the Fields Coffee House

Ryan told me he feels that Vitek should share more of his comments during our sustainability seminars