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When we weren't working in lab we made sure to have a good time. Whether it was a theme party, watching a movie or just hanging out we made the most of our free time. Lab work is important, but don't forget to have some fun too!

Madrid Bluegrass Festival

At left, Lauren stops dancing for a moment to pose with the stage.

Just a short drive from Potsdam you'll find the lovely little town known as Madrid. Every year they hold the widely revered Madrid Bluegrass Festival that draws crowds, and musicians from all over the United States and Canada.

80s party

80's Party!

Meagan, Lindsay, and Ashley dressed up for our 80's theme party.

Ashley wants to know how sharp that hair really is. "Will it cut me," she asks? Ian assures her it's user friendly.

Bastille day

Bastille Day (July 14)

That's right. We celebrated Bastille Day, and some were a little more festive than others.

Frenchie (Andy) gets ready to celebrate Bastille Day

Dance Party

Dance Parties

There is no shame in dancing!

Clockwise from left: Ian, Ashley, Brad, Andy, Briita, Meagan, Tom, Mark, Lindsay

Tom, Jon, and Meagan relax

Pool Party

Tom, Jon, and Meagan relax while spending the day at Dr. Grimberg's for a Fourth of July pool party.

Pool surfing is not as easy as it looks. (And neither is taking a picture of it.)

Andy pool surfing


Jon, Tom, Mark, and part of Ian at the bowling alley.

Potsdam Bar

Briita, Ian, Andy, Meagan and Mark at Flip Night at Maxfield's, a local Potsdam bar.

Flip Night
Lindsay at the cliffs

Cliff Jumping

Lindsay at the Parishville cliffs, where some of us went cliff jumping.

Dating ;)

Tom picking up chicks.

Canadian Science Museum

Mark wanted to see a moose all summer and this was the only one he saw, at the Canadian Science Museum in Ottawa.

Lab work?

OK, so not all the time in lab was spent working...