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Main Page When we weren't working hard or attending program activities, we made our own fun in the area surrounding Potsdam.
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Ashlee, Rebecca, Olga, Sarah, and Kyle watch a concert

More Entertainment
More Fun..
A band playing at Norwood.
Cliff jumping and swimming in the waterfalls in Parishville
Rebecca cliff-jumping Kyle swinging on a rope
Olga, Kyle, Lisa, Nicole, Evan, Ashlee, Matt, Sarah, and Rebecca at the cliff in Parishville
Top of the waterfall in Parishville
Waterfall in Parishville
Camping at Lake Dunmore, VT
Top of Lana falls, just above our campsite. (Kyle, Ashlee, Dave)
The camping group in our cozy, DRY lean-to. (Dave, Becca, Sarah, Ashlee, Olga, Kyle)
Montreal, QC
The view from the rooftop of our hotel. Chinese garden in the Botanical Gardens.
Outside of the Biodome. (Ashlee, Matt, Collin, Nicole, Sarah)
Climbing Mt. Marcy
Collin fighting the wind and the rain to get to the summit. Two words sum it up......HARD CORE! Stopping for a snack at Marcy Damn.
We endured though, and reached the summit. While we obviously didn't get much of a view it was well worth the trip. (Collin, Sarah, Kyle, Ashlee)
Ottawa, ON
Outside the Candian Museum of Cililization Everyone (plus friends) at the Parliament Building.